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Avoid this service!

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I've been borrower for 2 years and successfully repaid all my loans in time, also before the term-end, now they just locked my account and asking for additional documents which I provided (bills, payroll, job information, bank transactions of whole year), but it's not enough, now, they asking me to add bank account, from the form on bitbond website they letterally asking for login credentials to your home banking - this is unacceptable , even if I'll provide my login credentials, for sure it will not be enought. I understood their strategy, they will never give you more than rate E-D because they don't want you to pay less precentage of borrowing - they just locking your account and you are not able to use it even with last rate. Also cannot say that the service is very very poor and lazy as said from the last comment, my accun loccked already from october and still nothing, they just ignore all my emails. Please be carefful to this, avoid this service if you want to have hair on your head. They become more and more rude because of having already a lot of money. All the best!
12 Feb 2019 by Trustpilot

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