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Exchange acts like CCP party in China

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This exchange act like a Communist party in China. I was encountering some issues with their website & apps since the price of some coins were at peak at that time when I wanted to sell my assets, however, the website was having some issues & a lot of people couldn't log in during that crucial time. When I raised the complaint & objection in their telegram channel they muted me & deleted my conversation in that group so all in all, they don't want anyone to criticize them just like CCP in china irrespective of the so many issues with their website. for example, I am not able to get my trading, deposit & withdrawal history report & I have already raised a ticket but it's been more than a month no one has fixed it yet. It is just one of the issue I face a lot in the last six months. However, there is a certain portion of good about this website which is its FIP( fixed income plan ) where you just need to stake your crypto for certain tenure & you get the fixed interest rate. Other than that I didn't like their platform. Until they fix all their issues & listen to people complaint instead of shutting them down in their telegram channel just because he highlights the problems of your website to everyone in the group that makes you feel like living in china.
Ankit Wadhwa
10 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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