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I know, who ever the new user reading this might think that what I am writing, but bear with me till end. Review about 2year of experience with bitbns. I actually began trade since 2016 Nov at that time there were only two exchanges in India as time progress more then 10exchange came into existence. But, gradually as time progress more many hurdles came, RBI pressure increased but after all this, Out of 10exchage only 3survived. And out of 3, I use only Bitbns because just for one reason there support services ready to help you any given day and anytime. Other exchange might have better UI or more option but, till there is a progressive team ready to fix thing it will give you better results. I will choose that kind of people any given day.But, as per my past 2year experience, thing continue to get better and better. Bitbns is bringing Future trading, SIP for Crypto, Integration of Bitbns token for daily uses, Bitbns credit card and expansion to 30 countries. Believe me Best is yet come.
Harshit Kumar
26 Oct 2019 by Trustpilot

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