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I've been buying bitcoin since the beginning of 2020 on Bisq. I'm an absolute rookie in bitcoin, and with a little help from a friend I've been starting to understand a bit more every day, but there are a lot of tutorials on their website or YouTube so start with.If you're a newbie like me, in the beginning start buying from a signed trusted user, and as you build a reputation on this network continue creating your own offers.The fees can be pretty low if you are reasonable and patient enough. For example, when buying 0.01BTC, in the beginning on my first transaction I paid 0.50% trade fee, 1.20% mining fee, plus 1% above market price for the seller (2,7% Total). The last purchase offer I've created the trade fee was 0.50%, 0.26% for the mining fee, and 0% above market price (0.76% Total).The higher you want to buy, the lower the fee percentage. If you want to buy 0.1BTC you can get as low as 0.10% trade fee and 0.10% mining fee.The app is getting better with every new version they launch.
Antonio Goncalves
12 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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