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Wish I never came across Binance

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Wish I never came across Binance. Feel so ignorant. Binance makes it pretty quick and simple to set up and deposit into binance but I agree with Vessalo, it's so hard to get into your account if you change your number. Nearly one month for myself and despite their "changed your number?" link - leads to nothing and never works, they make it impossible for you to remedy the issue and get into your account. They do it deliberately I'm sure and use "security" as an excuse. To think of ALL the ID verification they got off you before setting up an account and there's no other way they can think of for you to get into your account ... Scammers. Trying to find a way to take legal action but is overseas chinese company. Beware - do NOT invest and read all the reviews. I hope this company goes bankrupt
Sasha F
25 Jun 2019 by Trustpilot

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