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Not understanding why my equity...

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Not understanding why my equity in the form of estimated Amount of BTC fluctuates when I'm not actively trading. If I have half of a BTC and don't make any trades, then I should still have half of a BTC. I can understand if the price of BTC decreases then the Equity should decrease. <br/> But if the total estimated amount of BTC decreases then I have a huge problem with that, because I have not made any withdrawls. So far I'm not liking this platform because the BTC values for each Alt-Coin that I have invested in has been constantly changing (decreasing) without my authorization. Is Anybody else noticing this issue. If so, please reply to this review with a logical response. I really want to like Binance but if this continues I definitely will withdraw all of my funds before it's too late.
29 Dec 2017 by CryptoCompare

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