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Message regarding getting charged Fees...

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Message regarding getting charged Fees with no service been performed: <br/>Guys last night, I have tried to move coins out of the Binance coin Wallet to an other Alt coin wallet on the Binance. I have done this twice now. I tried to take out the maximum amount moving to another wallet and on both occasions its confirmed as successful, however it takes the fee but does not move the Binance coins. Today the history tab shows the contract was successful. <br/><br/>What is going on? I thought that moving digital money via the Blockchain was 100% efficient and this sort of thing cannot happen.<br/><br/>Has anybody else had this problem?<br/><br/>Binance guys: Please can you provide some answers?<br/><br/>Regarding my poor review, as this is fundamental and I now have reduced confidence in the site, I would recommend to others not to use this site; and use other sites. I have around $700 dollars locked up on the site. I am going to leave until I get some answers on why this has occurred.<br/><br/>On a more positive note, I think the features and the way the site is set up looks great! I hope that I can have more positive news on this site in the future and I will update/change my review.<br/><br/>Thanks
07 Jan 2018 by CryptoCompare

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