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I''ve lost a lot of money with them

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I''ve lost a lot of money with them, around £25000, and not because of my bad decisions. The broker I worked with, contacted me and insisted that he will help me make money. Even if I refused his help initially, he kept calling and emailing until I accepted. He asked me to invest £10000, made me $60000 and lost it all. Even if I didn't agree with his decisions, he manipulated me in agreeing eventually, insisting that he knew what he was doingAfter I lost my money, he asked me to invest another £10000 so I could get back what I lost initially. I was so upset and shocked and I wanted my money back. So I invested another £10000. I had to top up my account because the transactions were going the wrong way, and I ended up using my overdraft and credit card also. I think I lost around £25000 in total and that was all I had. Everything happened just a few weeks before my birthday and he didn't care about it. On top of that, he asked me to get a loan, to invest further. I was shocked and disgusted, I couldn't believe that a human being could do that to another. I cried days and nights, I lost weight, I got ill. All I wanted it was a bit of extra income, nothing much. I didn't dream to be a millionaire and I never asked for any help from them. He used my dream of buying a house and destroyed my life. I would've never invested that amount of money, and I would've never made those decisions on my own. He knew what he was doing and it was premeditated, but I realised it too late. until i checked other reviews And I find out The difference between my experience and most of the ones i've read He’s finally able to get my mo.ney back through James.mike64 AT aol Mr James . He was able to recover my funds for me bit-by-bit in just two weeks.
Belinda joyeg
27 Sep 2020 by Trustpilot

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