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It is not my thing to write reviews

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It is not my thing to write reviews, but i have to share this to save other traders from becoming a victim of this company, like i am already. On the 6th of March , i started trading with this company, upon recommendation from a friend. Prior to that time, i had practised so much with the demo app and i felt i had known much about trading strategy already. However, when i started trading, i kept recording more losses than expected. Even, when my stop loss is set at -5%. It will get exceeded to -20%. I started feeling all was not right when i compared their chart with that of other companies, and i noticed a huge difference. . The journey of getting it back is a story to tell another day, but my appreciation goes to mr robert who helped me redeem my funds back, I reached him via; [email protected];aol comm. To all traders, please beware of this company.
James Stewart
24 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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