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If you are looking for a FAST and EASY way into crypto that will WORK and not dick you around Binance is for you<br/>If you can put up with a slight language barrier at times.<br/>I want to give this site a 4.5 out of 5 but it won't let me. Half a point off because the UI is a little tough to grasp if you're not chinese, but if you have any background in asset trading online it won't be an issue. I got into crypto this month at the beginning of the surge. It was impossible to find an american site on top of their shit. I've sent high quality photo IDs with legit statements and a month later I'm still waiting with that BS poloniex and bitter as well. They couldn't scale. Kraken has constant bad gateway 504 errors when you go to their site and they haven't verified me either. How would you like needing to sell a coin ASAP and kraken can't even pay their cloudflare web hosting so youre fucked! LMAO. All the mainstream exchanges are lights out as soon as a major market pop happens So basically, in the inevitable event of a selloff market wide, with poloniex bittrex hell even GDAX or Coinbase you are FUCKED. Not so with this. They seem to be on it. <br/>I've deposited ether and traded a dozen pairs so far with them, fast and easy every time. Relatively low fees, but fees aren't a huge deal to me making 30%plus per trade so i haven't read way between lines.<br/>Haven't tried yet to withdraw any coins from binance I don't really have a reason to.<br/><br/>BTW their coin BNB is used to buy coins on their servers with no fees or reduced fees 50%. Check out the chart on BNB and you will see taht it looks like a lot of people want to use binance all the sudden and there are good reasons why ;)<br/><br/>Not that binance doesnt have its difficulties in those times as well
20 Dec 2017 by CryptoCompare

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