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I opened an account with binance for one reason only. I wanted to trade some of the smaller crypto currencies like Ripple XRP. So I transferred $100 worth of coin , $40 of ethereum, $30 dollars of bitcoin and $30 of litecoin. I started to trade my first trade and bought 20 xlm or stellar as it was only a few cents each just to test the waters. shortly later I sold it and banked a small profit. However, when I tried another trade it didn't register in open positions. and a white box flashed up so quickly that it was difficult to read but I gather it told me the number was too small so went for larger amount . still didn't register in open positions and white box kept flashing. I tried several more times but refused each time. so left it. went back next day . Noticed that the trades which I attempted previously were all showing in the History section. So tried more trades and the white box flashed up saying I didn't have enough money in my account to trade. Where it had gone I have no idea. Have constantly tried to email support and sending message thru their support menu. At least 6 times but no answers. you get a standard email from zendesk several days later saying that in view of delay in replying they ASSUME the matter has been resolved and when you reply to their message you get another standard email referring you to their support area which does not answer questions so you go round in circles. I cannot find out whether the trades I attempted did in fact get included but as they didn't show on open positions, I wasn't aware that I had entered a trade.I can only presume that as they are showing in the history section that I was charged from my bitcoin and ethereum accounts thus not closing them out has made the accounts run out of money. unfortunately, no one is answering any support requests or emails. I am not using them anymore as you cannot run a business with no basic support team that doesn't read your emails or requests. Any one else had this sort of problem?
28 Mar 2018 by CryptoCompare

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