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I have always wanted to take my life…

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I have always wanted to take my life after I lost my fund to them and banks kept calling for their money. All I wanted was to make more money to take care of my family, but I lost my family when my wife divorced me and my kids went with her, nights turn days, weeks and months and I couldn't still get my fund as those damm brokers keeps asking me for more money to pay in and I will get fund. . I lost a total $157,460 to them.This was supposed to be the money for a new house. but, I invested it in with them(worst mistake of my entire life). I felt it was a risk worth taking. The broker was very caring and kept calling me to invest. I was convinced by the guy and I invested a lot into it. Few month passed, I was saw my money increase to $392,585. I was so happy the wait was worth it. I already made plans to start my house project immediately I withdraw the money from my broker. I requested as I planned. then, the broker started giving me series of excuses why they can't pay me at that point. I got so furious because, I had plans for the money already and I hate delays!Two weeks later, I called the broker to know the state of things but, he refused to pick up.I started panicking, so I sent a mail to their customer support center to help me out because, I was confused. But, there was no response, sadly.Few weeks later, the website went down and this made me feel like, it was the end of the world.My blood pressure increased and I almost had stroke. Friends and family were there to support me. I kept texting my broker to return what I invested and forget the profit but all my efforts were futile.I didn't give up on my quest to get my money back. I looked up some articles about some Recovery Experts. It was hard i wouldn't lie as some recovery agents collected money from me and vanished into thin air. To cut the long story short, i finally found one Mr Matthew and we were able to recover back my capital in less than a month. It was a painstaking journey but i can say contacting Sheldon.Matthew AT AOL is the best decision i have made all my life.
Evans Drumsfeld
03 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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