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Four weeks ago I tried to verify my…

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Four weeks ago I tried to verify my identity on binance so as to withdrawal my money. Through a series of unclear communications by them, my account was then locked. After 8 days and about 4 emails on my part, I finally heard from them and was told I could now access my money; that was a lie. I still cannot access my account. I then tried to verify my identity but was told I needed to request a name change on my account (I accidentally didn't use my legal first name). I sent the request on 10/17, and have never heard back from them. I wrote on 10/24 to again ask for help and have heard nothing. Today, 10/31, I went to try to make a trade on Binance and was told my trading activity was suspended. The bottom line is Binance happily let me deposit money but, when I tried to get it out, my account was locked and their customer support disappeared. I would strongly urge anyone considering Binance to look elsewhere. It is ok to have screw ups in a company but to have ZERO customer support is inexcusable. You cannot get in touch with anyone and, frankly, it is clear that they don't care. What responses you do get are canned, automated responses which have clearly been sent without anyone looking at the issue.I don't know what to do, I guess Binance won. They took my money and apparently are going to keep it. They don't care, they just want your money and, as soon as they get it, they could care less about what type of service you are receiving from them.This is one of the worst companies I have ever tried to deal with.DO NOT GIVE YOUR MONEY TO THEM!!!
Derek Lieske
31 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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