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Fake broker agencies have done more…

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Fake broker agencies have done more harm than good to innocent traders. Traders have lost of millions of investments to these agencies and it has quite discouraged many from the trading market. However, the reason this is so is because very few are aware that there is a possibilty of recovering their funds, provided they have all evidences of their transactions. I also got to discover these late because i initially approached my bank for a chargeback when i was scammed, and when it was obvious they couldn’t help, i approached my attorney for a lawsuit but he was also limited. Eventually, i met a recovery expert i read about online and i reported to her mail: [email protected],com . Apart from the fact that she recovered the money within two weeks, she also gave me tips on how to become a better trader and avoid scams.
Amanda Williams
18 Jan 2020 by Trustpilot

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