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Extremely poor, and bad customer service.

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Impossibly hard to complete verification with them. I tried but seemed to be thwarted at every turn. They ask for a video of yourself holding an id and saying something like "this is such and such a date and is for my Binance account (email address). I took a selfie video and it was 56mb in size. Their instructions were to upload a file of max. 20mb....impossible. So I emailed them for help. At first they tried to help but their emails soon stopped responding. I sat at my computer for over 4 hours trying to complete their verification process. In the end I gave up. At that point I decided that if their customer service couldn't help, I may well have problems in the future if I did indeed manage to get verified. Consequently I emailed them and asked them to close my account which had't been verified, and which had very little information about me so far. Their response was to give me a huge list of tasks to perform in order for them to close the account, ONE OF WHICH WAS TO UPLOAD A SELFIE VIDEO!!! maximum 20mb. I protested vehemently explaining that I was unable to do that because I had had difficulty at the outset. Nothing that I said would deter them from requesting that video. After many emails and escalations to their superiors I finally gave up. My account will sit on their books in perpetuity, unused. They must be so desperate to keep their customer base numbers up. For anybody considering using this company I would say don't waste your time unless you are a computer whizz kid. There are surely so many other options open out there.
David Howarth
29 Jan 2020 by Trustpilot

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