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1 first - okay the big mistake of your platform trade is many poor person or any other client can not sell coin in Binance accout beacuse when i' want to sell all my coin 2.9995996 i a can just sell 2.0000000 but the other 0.9995996 i can not sell it why why ?????...... this is the big problem and that's why many people choose to go to bittrex or poloniex and other <br/><br/>you must let the people sell all their coin 0.99999999 okay in coin like "lun" and "Ada" and "FUN" and all the coin in binance Site did understnad me ??<br/><br/>2- if you can reduce the fees of the withdraw Bitcoin because is very huge amout for the poor person Or you can keep it that way <br/> ****but but you must fix it please the 0.9999999 of the sell because many persone They complain<br/><br/>every thing in th binance site is amazing but some mistake you can fix it <br/>please reply me if you understand me please <br/><br/><br/>All appreciate to the Team Binance <br/>And i'm soory for your Time Sir
06 Jan 2018 by CryptoCompare

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