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For all folks looking for a new online bookmaker sports/casino/games/poker look no further.The site has a really cool internal chat system for members where the betcoin team keep every informed during the day.If you don't believe me sign up and is the one, I've used multiple companies over the years bet365/willhill/ladbrokes you name it I've probably placed a bet there.Why DEPOSITS AND WITHDRAWALS you'll ever have this is a major factor for me. I could win at 12pm and have the funds in by bank account 1pm, name a company that does it that fast NONE.Pros:-FASTEST DEPOSITS AND WITHDRAWALS Lots of sportsbook markets and games including live.VIP bonus, betback and lossback balance.Great support team from chat service to logging a ticket.Good community and members.Cons:-UI of the site could do with a refresh in certain areas.Fractions as oppose to decimal betting but you get used to itIf anyone else has got some good reviews, please share I look forward to hearing from you all.
12 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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