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FRAUD!! <br/><br/>I played with real...

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FRAUD!! <br/><br/>I played with real money for a few hours. The scam action occured two times! <br/>Overall i have lost about 20 USD. <br/>Here´s what happened: Rolling Dice on Auto-bet at a point it just lost roll after<br/> roll after roll... until the account balance was zero. It goes down super fast when it happens, <br/>you can´t do a thing about it. I could have set a stop limit (had that set only at the first time :( ) to <br/>avoid this fraudfull behavior BUT it would have not helped in the end, because right in the moment when you´re<br/>moneys are gone, an error message is displayed on the screen and i wasn´t able to click on certain options. <br/>After basicially clicking on every option without getting there i refreshed the page and who would have guessed!!??<br/>NO ROLL HISTORY DATA AVAILABLE ANYMORE! AS IF I NEVER EVEN ROLLED ONE DICE!! And so... I was unable to verify <br/>the rolls which led to the clearing of my bankroll! I opened a ticket to the support and three mails back and forth later,<br/>they (beasically only) repeated what´s been stated in the first reply again and again: <br/><br/>"You would click verify before your roll to set your player seed. You <br/>can set this to any combination of characters, thus ensuring the results <br/>of your spin are legit. "<br/><br/>----- Haha! So, i would have should have NOT used the Auto-Bet mode and check/randomise<br/> before and after every single roll, to prevent getting ripped off??<br/>You can also verify your rolls after they are dealt by clicking view <br/>source and entering your player seed and the randomly generated Hash and <br/>server seeds. If you click refresh on the error screen, it will bring up <br/>the normal dice screen. " <br/><br/>----- I was unable to do that and refresh just brought a<br/> completely empty Roll-History-Log up.
02 Jun 2018 by CryptoCompare

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