New Funding Rounds: ODX, Ultrain, USAVE, BlockFi and MaterialsZone


Initial coin offering (ICO) projects ODX Pte. Ltd (ODX), Ultrain (UGS), USAVE, BlockFi Lending LLC (BLOCKFI) and MaterialsZone (MZT) closed a new funding round in the period from July 24 to July 30, 2018.

Token Sale

ODX Pte. Ltd (ODX) powers the Open Data Exchange, a global marketplace where publishers and internet service providers can transact at scale to deliver free internet access to consumers in emerging markets. It raised $60 million in a funding round that closed on July 26. Investors include Wavemaker Genesis, Strong Ventures, Pantera Capital and Hexa Labs among others.

Ultrain (UGS) focuses on building a high-performance decentralized blockchain platform through its programmable tech infrastructure. Ultrain is able to solve the performance and scalability issues inherent in other traditional public blockchain platforms. Investors include Sky9 Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Ceyuan Ventures and DHVC amongst others.

USAVE is a global solution which uses blockchain technology to revolutionize the entire supply chain industry. The network will track and record data throughout the entire process. The GMEX Group is an investor in this project.


BlockFi Lending LLC (BLOCKFI) is a secured non-bank lender that offers USD loans to crypto owners who collateralize their loans with crypto assets. It has launched in beta form, lending in 35 US states to retail investors and companies. The project raised $52.5 million in a funding round that closed on July 24. Galaxy Investment Partners is an investor.   

MaterialsZone (MZT) is an online system that enables researchers worldwide to collaborate and share data regarding new lab-made materials. The project raised $1 million in a funding round that closed on July 24. Sarona Ventures is an investor.

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