CryptoBots, Assemble: a New Crypto Collectible Game is here #promo


As the world has got into the era of blockchain based everything, it was no surprise for the gaming industry to follow them into, perhaps, the most hyped IT-subsection right now. Several attempts for implementing smart contracts into entertainment games were made, but the games were too unpolished to keep the players in long enough.

That may change now, when the errors of last crypto-generations have been researched and a possible solution could bring us the most advanced blockchain battle game up to date. Enter the CryptoBots.

CryptoBots is a collector’s blockchain game created by Playneta Studio. Playneta is a mobile game development studio that is currently running 2 mobile gaming projects with 16 million active users. The company was founded in 2015 by Simon Shikharev and Dmitry Filatov. Before running Playneta, Simon was the Product Director of Topface; Dmitry is also a partner of Topface, ICORating and

The game utilizes a CryptoKitties-inspired mechanics of building, acquiring, breeding and battling the collectible characters - in that case, battle robots - and urges the players to build an ultimate army of most powerful creatures. In that efforts, the players can enforce a breed-and-battle strategy to any extent in that balance that they like. Bots could be customized and genetically improved, which adds to the component of a breeding game.

The players’ property is protected by standard expandable Ethereum-based smart contracts, and the game creators are paying additional attention to the privacy and security of the bots’ collectors. CryptoBots will also implement sinking-mechanics for the bot population, i.e. Upgrade and Recycle, to keep the bots population under control.

The project’s roadmap states that the fully functional release of the game will commence in a few weeks, by the end of March the game will go mobile and will be extensively promoted with marketing channels.

Also, the project is launching a bounty campaign for the early adopters, which will allow early birds to gain bonuses in forms of rare bots by advocating the game in their social media account or blogs. See the details of the bounty campaign here.

The bots can be exchanged or sold on the web-based market, and, following the tradition of ‘everything crypto’ that could remarkably rise in price, could become the next crazy thing.

Learn more about the project at:


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