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KICKICO Rating Review


Investment Rating

Expiry date : Expired 14 Dec 2017

Rating Review

We have reviewed the project's progress as of January 2019 and would like to note a significant downturn happened on the target market for KICKICO, and the team has chnaged significantly since ICO date. The project failed to achieve mass. Therefore, the project's rating has been decreased to Risky-.

The KICKICO Project is able to occupy the crowdfunding market and substitute such companies as Kickstarter and similar ones. Besides that it is the ICO project with little capitalization. For these purposes implementation there is a team of professionals, active platform, and the incentive system.

ICO is carried out to get the certain funds for the marketing and development. After the intended amount receipt The Project success depends on the marketing campaign and development plans implementation. They have to do their best to achieve the goals.

The KICKICO token is a complicated instrument. It is the infrastructural token. In future, the period is not mentioned, the token can be secured with the assets being The KICKICO Project’s Reserve Funds. The periods depend on the cryptocurrency market legalization.

At the same time it is profitable to hold the KC tokens in a long run because one day the fund trigger will be converted.  


About The Project and ICO

The KICKICO Project is online platform that helps start-up companies to receive necessary funds using ICO, crowdfunding, and crowd investing. The founders want to change the traditional crowdfunding system improving it with the help of blockchain technologies. The KICKICO Project will use smart contracts. It will make the platform more transparent, reliable, and safe.












It should be noted the ICO is carried out on the KICKICO platform. The tokens are open for trades in stock exchanges and conversion immediately after ICO. The negotiations with the stock exchanges are near to their completion.

ICO Start: August 29, 2017, 13:00 UTC

ICO close date: September 29, 2017, 13:00 UTC

Target cap on crowdsale: no Minimum cap, Maximum cap 200 000 ETH

ICO Price: 1 ETH = 3000 KC

Currency: BTC, ETH

Token: КickСoins (KC), Ethereum ERC20 standard

Bonuses: Bonuses depend on the KC tokens purchase amount.




Bonus, +

Tier 0




Tier 1




Tier 2




Tier 3




Tier 4




Tier 5




Tier 6




Tier 7




Tier 8




Tier 9




Tier 10




Tier 11




Tier 12




Tier 13




Tier 14




Tier 15




Tier 16




Tier 17




Tier 18




Tier 19




Tier 20




Tier 21




Tier 22




Tier 23




Available for sale at ICO: 600 000 000 КС

Total issue amount: 800 000 000 KC

Allocation: Founders' pool is limited to maximum 10% of all tokens issue and will be frozen for 1 year. The all unallocated tokens are annulled.  

Token Issue Date: August 28, 2017

Escrow: not announced yet


The Project Services And Their Usage

The KICKICO Project is online platform that helps start-up companies to receive necessary funds using ICO, crowdfunding, and crowd investing. They intend to join two large industries: crowdfunding (FIAT money) and ICO (cryptocurrency). It is the blockchain-based platform using smart contracts. The smart contract code is open. The founders say the individuals carried out errors audit for the certain remuneration. The code is available on https://github.com/kickico/contracts.

The users can be provided with the services after their registration on the platform. After registration the users have the personal online wallet. The wallet and account logins are not stored on the KICKICO website. The users keep them. Hash coding is used for the account and wallet access. So the staff of The Project is not able to enter the users’ wallets, accounts, KickCoins wallets and tokens storages.

There will be two parts interconnection. Namely, backers – supporters of the companies on the platform. They invest into the companies. At the same time they can be authors. The all backers participated in any successful campaign will get remuneration from the platform in the form of the KC tokens. Authors – the users arranging campaigns on investments generating. They have to publish their personal data to be reliable for the potential investors. 

Campaign – it is described on https://www.kickico.com/ by authors. There can be pictures, video and other materials describing the certain project for the backers. The target amount is an essential part of the project description. One campaign is carried out by one author. One author can carry out only one campaign. The campaign description can be changed, amended, launched, or annulled only by the author or moderator.

The campaign life cycle:

  • Draft. The author is planning the campaign drawing up its parameters;
  • Moderator’s approval. The campaign is sent to the moderator. The campaign is allocated to the certain manager. From this time he assists the author. The moderators check the company and product validity and compliance with the platform requirements.
  • Public Draft. The campaign is available for the platform users. The backers can be notified about the new public draft uploading. The users examine the information. They can give comments. It is important these comments cannot be deleted by the authors. The users can also contact with the authors.
  • Ready for launch. The platform requirements are satisfied. The all additional preparations for launch are fulfilled.
  • Funds generating. The campaign is launched. Any user can take part in the campaign. The campaigns life on the platform is limited with time period. Maximal period is 90 days. The all gathered funds are put into the smart contracts until the campaign close date. The funds are not available for the authors within this period.
  • Close. After the fixed period the campaign is closed not depending on results. The campaign is sent to archives.

At the stage of draft the author names the campaign type. There are several types of campaign:

  1. Crowdfunding. Traditional campaigns carried out on the classical markets;
  2. Crowd investing. Tokens are not issued. The backer’s remuneration is fixed if necessary;
  3. Pre-ICO and ICO. Smart contracts are used. It gives the opportunity to attribute tokens to the backers taken part in the campaign. There can be different kinds of ICO campaigns with bonuses or not.

The campaigns can be rated as “All Or None” and “Safe”. In the first case if within the fixed campaign period they do not raise the intended amount the funds are returned to the investors. So, the KC tokens are paid by the platform only after the successful campaign. So, the backers are incented to gather the necessary amount. Speaking about the “Safe” campaign the all funds are transferred to the author not depending on the campaign results.

We described the KICKICO platform service. By the way, any user can become a Moderator and even rise up after certain services for the KICKICO Company and his reputation. The staff assures they develop their own system to evaluate the users’ activity under the experience and algorithms showings. In fact it is an additional incentive for the users to take part in The Project development.

The best campaign can be rated at «Featured». Here they take into account quality, highlights, authors’ activity, and participation in KICKONOMY.

 KICKONOMY is an ecosystem that consists of the projects working with KickCoins. These projects place the KICKONOMY banner on their pages. By this they certify the render the services for KC tokens at the current stock exchange rate.


The Market

ICO it is the fastest growing and enlarging instrument to gather funds. Within the last months ICO raised funds record was surpassed several times. Within the last three months the total amount of raised capital of the ten largest token sales was $965 million. This year ICO market value is more than $1,6 billion.

The quantity of the token sale is increasing on in spite of regulators’ restrictions, for example SEC. we believe the market is growing on. So, we can conclude the KICKICO service will be in demand.

The Kickstarter platform is the leader in the crowdfunding market. It has been working in the market for 9 years. Within this period it has raised more than $3,2 billion. It is about $330 million a year. 13,2 million investors participated in the projects. In total 370 thousand projects were launched with the help of crowdfunding instruments. 130 thousands of them raised the intended amount. It is more than 1/3. Other projects raised the amount less than the target one.

The crowdfunding market was growing very fast in the period from 2010 till 2014. In 2014 the speed of development was slower. In 2016 the showings were decreased. Showings scheme:

  • 2013 - 44 thousand projects;
  • 2014 – 67 thousand projects;
  • 2015 - 77 thousand projects;
  • 2016 - 58 thousand projects.

One of the reasons of the mentioned decrease in 2016 is the projects did not satisfy the investors’ hopes. There were many projects raised the target amount did not launch the product. The most famous among them are:

  • Coolest Cooler refrigerator ($13 million);
  • Special Zano dron ($3 million);
  • Ouya microcantilever ($9 million).

Total value of the crowdfunding and ICO market can be at $2,5 billion in 2017. The market trends cause the success of The Project. In spite of positive forecasts there are strong competitors in the market.


The Project Competitive Strengths

In our opinion the KICKICO Project’s main competitors are the representatives of the traditional crowdfunding platforms. Namely, Kickstarter project and analogues. We do not see competitors among ICO (ICOBox, icotech.me, icohub.org, tokenmarket.net) projects. ICO is the instrument to raise large funds. ICO projects are complicated technological projects. Nevertheless The Project can command the ICO market share of the projects with little maximal caps.

The KICKICO Project is the Ethereum blockchain-based platform using smart contracts. It makes the process transparent and safe, fast and open for the users all over the world. It is the first competitive advantage of the company in comparison with other crowdfunding platforms. 

The second competitive advantage is the platform is universal. It helps to launch three types of campaign on funds raising: ICO, crowd investing, and crowdfunding. Nowadays classical platforms cannot serve in this way. Besides that The KICKICO Project is only platform paying the backers remunerations for successful campaigns (cashback). The KC tokens are additional incentives for the backers.

And the third competitive advantage is smart contracts. They give an opportunity to work without intermediaries (banks, payment systems, and regulators). Crowdfunding campaigns include hidden costs. They are platform fees - under 5%, payment fees at 3-5%, backers’ bonuses, agent charges on the platform (if the project is in the country other than the crowdfunding platform), PR campaign, and taxes at 10-30% from the raised amount. At the end the authors get 60-80% from the raised funds.

The KICKICO platform charge from the raised amount is at 4%. It is paid in ETH. If you pay in tokens (issued) you should pay additional 4%. The authors get the rest amount immediately after the campaign close in the cryptocurrency. The charge is set only after successful campaign.

One more competitive advantage is the easy-to-use platform. It is necessary to write the content describing the campaign and fix its parameters. If necessary the user can create and set the smart contract using the token constructor. It is an ICO project.

The fifth competitive advantage is the projects moderation. The moderators check the author, the project validity, staff competence, the project development stage, and other items. There the users can place the projects allocated on other platforms. Besides that, the best projects are rated at “Editor’s Choice”. The all people connected with the project promotion, namely, advisors, analysts, moderators, and others, can receive remuneration for their work. The moderators, analysts and others are chosen with the users’ votes taking into account their experience and achievements on the platform.

The largescale crowdfunding platforms are focusing on the large scale projects with large marketing budget. They are not interested in interesting ideas and small campaigns. Speaking about ICO market there are no small ICO projects providing with ICO assistance because of:

  • little charges;
  • lack of marketing budget;
  • their tokens are not marketable for the secondary stock exchange trading.

The KICKICO Project will solve the problem of low marketability of small ICO projects together with the Bankor project. The founders connected to Bankor system. In fact it is a protocol for exchange of ERC-20 tokens with poor capitalization - long tail currencies. KickCoin is a network token now. It is made for the platform successful projects registered in the Bankor Smart tokens.



The team consists of 17 members, 10 advisors, and 3 companies being The Company partners. They are professionals in different fields of 5-15 year experience. It is a highly qualified staff.

At the review writing we contacted the team. We talked to Anti A. Danilevski и Yury Parsamov (Strategic partnership manager). They are open for communications. They answered our questions promptly.

Anti A. Danilevski (Founder and CEO).

He has been working in the crowdfunding market for more than 14 years. He began with Planeta.ru and Boomstarter crowdfunding platforms. He is the author of hundreds of crowdfunding campaigns on the Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms. He publishes his articles in the Forbes, Rusbase, DTM, and CoinTelegraph periodicals.

(https://www.facebook.com/danilevski ; https://twitter.com/AntiDanilevski ; https://www.linkedin.com/in/danilevski)


Alexander Petrov (Co-founder and CFO).

He is a business owner of 22 year experience. He invests into e-commerce, IT and gaming projects. The names are not available. He was the first investor in KICKICO in 2015. It seems his money supports The Project for the last two years. He is responsible for additional investments raising, team development, and The Project Business Model foundation.


Andrew Perepelitsa (Co-founder, CTO and Solidity developer).

He has been working in IT industry for 12 years. He is a specialist in business processes automation. He is responsible for technological infrastructure, namely, blockchain integration, stress tests, and environmental protection.

( https://www.facebook.com/myx0m0p ; https://twitter.com/myx0m0p ; https://www.linkedin.com/in/myx0m0p/)



Among the advisor the most interesting person for us is Roel Wolfert (Netherlands- Bancor, Currency advisor; Qoin, CEO and founder).

Roel Wolfert is a senior executive in the FinTech world, with positions at Qoin, VGRIP and Bancor. He has more than 20 years of global experience in the world of finance and payments having worked on key industry initiatives including SEPA, CLS, and Contactless. Roel has an MA in Economics from Maastricht University, and an Executive degree in Innovation from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

While our discussions Yury Parsamov said us the KICKICO Company had concluded a partnership agreement with Banсor. Besides it, The Project has other partners: Coinhills - Coinhills.com, Qoin - Qoin.com, and Pacatum - Solidity Developers (foreign development partners).

In conclusion we would like to say the staff consists of highly qualified and experiences specialists. They are ready to communicate. They are ready to discuss comments. They reply promptly. Besides that in their team there are famous advisors and a large scale partner - Banсor.


Development Strategy and Roadmap

The Project’s advantage is their active platform. Official release of the platform is taken place in October, 2017 after ICO. The KICKICO Project will carry out its ICO on its platform. In fact it is the first client of the platform. Pre-ICO was carried out on the KICKICO platform. So, we can conclude the team develops its business strategy. The Roadmap includes the plans on the platform improvement, adding of new services and products, attracting of new partners, and creating of the platform community.

Roadmap steps until 2020:

Activities after ICO in 2017:

  • Official platform launch and its improvement;
  • Create crowdfunders community and the Project loyal community;
  • Launch the first projects on the platform;
  • Launch cryptocrowdfunding ver 1.0 chat bot;
  • Salesforce CRM integration.


Year 2018:

  • Remuneration system launch;
  • Smart contract visual setting;
  • Unified market;
  • UXresearches;
  • Loyalty program for gaming mechanics;
  • Localization;
  • Events arrangement out of the platform;
  • Crowdfunding Academy launch;
  • Development of mobile applications powered by Android and iOS;
  • Integration with other platforms of the Ethereum ecosystem;
  • The blockchainbased crowdfunding trust launch.

Year 2019:

  • KICKOIN payment system application software for integration into independent platforms and applications;
  • Development of the local authors and backers communities;
  • Platform instruments development: consulting, marketing, legal assistance;
  • Release of mobile applications powered by Android and iOS;
  • Integration in Smart devices (blockchain of things).

Year 2020:

  • Application software for the crowdfunding autonomous campaigns;
  • Business calculation for the all marketing and advertisement projects.

There is a department in The Company responsible for the Project strategy development. It has to connect the current large companies to the KICKONOMY system. The founders say: “only few large scale companies like Wargaming are able to increase the demand for KickCoins”.

They mean KC tokens. If they are in demand the platform becomes popular, too. The strategy concept is to develop and maintain the platform services so they could compete in the market and to invite new large scale clients with strong marketing programs.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing is the key part of the Project influencing its long term success. The KICKICO Project’s success and the KC token price depend on the campaigns on investment attracting carried out on the platform. The founders say: “Our project is a deal of big importance. We have to change the crowdfunding and ICO industries. We have to compete with the 1.0 version crowdfunding platforms. They are old but they have their loyalty community, partners and large experience. It is a very difficult task. But we have resources. ICO is an instrument that helps us to raise funds and to occupy the leading market share. We carry out crowd sales to gather necessary amount, attract mass media, and create our loyal community that will help and support us”.

We can conclude that the first and main step of the marketing strategy is ICO carried out on their platform. You can watch the process of the funds raising on the platform via https://www.kickico.com/campaigns/999/ico.

It is the way to show the public the service functioning and opportunity. Three members of the team are responsible for marketing. Then the marketing department will be increased if necessary. They plan to develop active project community, to launch Crowdfunding Academy, to develop local authors and backers community, and so on.

The yearly marketing budget is $10 within the next three years. The marketing budget distribution:

  • 20% - direct advertisement;

· 20% - PR campaigns, forums, social networks and processing of the leading companies’ meaning;

· 30% - conferences, events all over the world;

· 10% - analysis, researches, new territories occupation;

· 10% - marketing consulting;

· 10% - others.

As we have already told the marketing is essential part influencing The Project success the founders set the marketing budget at 43% of the all raised funds. If The KICKICO Project raises 200 000 ETH (maximal amount) the marketing budget is about $30 million due to the ETH/USD rate.

“Besides that, will use our marketing budget to support the campaigns on the platform. It is more profitable to invest and support the projects than to spend money for advertisements only. If we have more successful campaigns the platform will become more popular and demanded. Besides that it influences the KC token price increase”.

We agree with the founders’ point of view.

Speaking about mass media publications The Project is announced. We cannot say that attention and popularity are high. As for the moment of the review rating the showings are as follows:

Slack: 298 members

Twitter: 3360 followers

Telegram: 898 members

Facebook: 516 followers

Bitcointalk: 41 pages

Reddit: 5 subscribers

Github: 7 followers

LinkedIn: 69 followers

Medium: 158 followers


The Project Economics

To understand the economics of The Project you should realize:

  • KickCoin (КС) is a virtual currency. It is used for payment of the crowdfunding projects launch, services and other products inside the KICKICO and KICKONOMY ecosystem;
  • KICKONOMY is the ecosystem regulating the platform participants cooperation. The projects authors are the backers, advisors, escrow-agents, translators, designers, advertisers and other persons dealing with the project promotion on the platform, and the projects providing their services for KC tokens.
  • 4% fee for the successful campaign on the investments attracting paid with ETH;
  • 4% from the successful campaign value is transferred onto The Reserve Funds. The payment is taken place in tokens if they are issued.
  • The Reserve Funds will keep the tokens of different projects. It is intended to be registered as a legal entity in future after legalization. The assets management will be decentralized. It will be carried out by the KC token holders. The managers will be chosen after voting. (> 51% voting right)
  • 4-8% of ICO and 4-20% of crowdfunding campaigns value are paid to the backers in accordance with their investment value. In fact it is cash back. Remuneration is paid in KC tokens of additional issue.

Additional tokens will be issued for the backers remuneration. There will be some restrictions:

  1. The author provides with his personal data, including ID with his photo and document proving his residential address (utility bill or bank statement). The process is like the process of payment systems control.
  2. The campaign has to raise no less than $10 000. The less campaign value causes fraudulent cases. (recursive attack – on the platform a company is created. It carries out payments by itself via phantom accounts. Money is returned through the company. The KC tokens are transferred onto the phantom account’s wallet);
  3. KickCoins are generated automatically with the KICKICO smart contracts after the moment somebody supports the launched campaign.

In conclusion the authors of the companies allocate their projects on the platform. The moderators, translators, analysts, and other participants take part to select the projects and assists in the project success for the certain remuneration. If the campaign is successful the platform pays remuneration. ETH fee is distributed for the development needs. Token fee is sent to the Reserve Funds. At the same time the KC tokens are issued. They are presents for backers investing their funds into the projects.

Service functioning scheme:

The popularity of the KICKICO Platform depends on the quantity of famous projects allocated on the platform. The Business Model concept is to attract as many projects as it is possible and connect them onto the KICKONOMY ecosystem.

It is difficult to foresee the number of projects attracted on to the platform within the nearest years. The founders’ forecast is as follows:

As to their forecasts they will have 4100 projects on their platform as for 2022. If we compare The Project’s results with the main competitor Kickstarter we see The Project occupies the leading position in five years. Taking into account the staff experience and qualification we cannot say they overestimate their abilities. 


The Project Risks

We have not found serious risk that could prevent the KICKICO Project development at the moment. But do not forget about traditional risks usual in the cryptocurrency market.

The most important task for the team is to attract and invite clients. The Project is at its beginning now. It is the most important risk for The Project now. If the projects will not respect the platform the KICKICO platform is terminated.

Speaking about engineering aspects the platform is ready to be used. Is has many competitive advantages to survive in the market. Besides that, the staff is experienced professionals in this field of activity. There are not serious risks in this part of the Project.

We question if the team is able to carry out the marketing campaign to attract loyal community onto the platform. Firstly, they have to invite as many investors and projects as it is possible. The projects will not respect the platform with few investors. On the other hand the investors will not deal with the platform with a lack of interesting projects. Not only the marketing department but the team in total should develop this part of The Project.


The Token Investment Highlights

The KC tokens will be available at the secondary stock exchange trading. The token is the infrastructural instrument. If the service is in demand the token price will increase. KickCoins are used inside the platform for:

  • review – a professional rating review of a certain campaign by the community members;
  • moderation before launch – before the campaign launch moderators check the project. Within the first period the projects are moderated by the platform staff. Then the community and advisors select the moderators;
  • translations and corrections – to be successful all over the world the documentation is to be executed in many languages;
  • attractive content – graph content, video content, voice recording. The advertisement material is necessary to attract public;
  • other actions.

Let us discuss The Reserve Funds. After The Project development there will be more different tokens of other projects. Due to the KICKICO Project’s forecasts in 2019 there will be at least fifty different tokens in The Reserve Funds. The tokens price can be increased within several years. During the first period of The Project development these tokens will not influence the KC tokens offer and demand. The tokens stored in reserves will generate FIAT profit.

In future the founders intend the community will manage the Reserve Funds. In fact token holders will manage the Fund. There will be DAO managers. They will conclude transactions using tokens.  

If the profit is distributed among the KC token holders the Reserve Funds can be a security of KC tokens. Distribution can be in the form of dividends, tokens repurchase using the profit and others. The expenses are covered in case if the fund assets price is more than the price in the stock exchanges. (1KC token price is taken as the basis for calculations).  

Now we cannot say if the idea will be implemented. The current law can prevent the idea implementation. The KC tokens can be secured with the Reserve Funds assets only after cryptocurrency market legalization.

There is one more negative factor. After certain successful campaign they issue KC tokens at 4-20% from the raised capital due to the exchange rate. These tokens are distributed for the backers. It can cause the proposal hangover. We can suppose the backers will get their cash back selling the KC tokens in the stock exchange.

The founders intend to issue additional number of KC tokens every month as a bonus program. Within the two years after ICO the bonus issue is taken place for the all token holders. The issue program lasts until September 30, 2019. The total issue amount will be at 1 348 674 955 КС. At the moment of ICO issue amount is at 800 000 000 КС.

On the one hand the investors will sell additional KC tokens. The same for backers. On the other hand other investors will hold the tokens waiting for a long run profit receiving additional KC tokens. In fact it is a compound interest. It is the situation when you get additional interests on the current interests.   


The information contained in the document is for informational purposes only. ICORating received monetary compensation in the amount of $6000 from the entity rated in this report for completing the ratings report. However, the entity rated in this report did not have the opportunity to approve this rating report before the report was published, nor did the rated entity have the opportunity to edit or remove this report once it was published. The views expressed in this document are solely those of the ICORating Team, based on data obtained from open access and information that developers provided to the team through Skype, email or other means of communication. Our goal is to increase the transparency and reliability of the young ICO market and to minimize the risk of fraud. We appreciate feedback with constructive comments, suggestions and ideas on how to make the analysis more comprehensive and informative.