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Momentum Token Basic Review

Project Details

Name: MobileBridge Momentum

Ticker symbol: MMTM

Project Type: Media, Platform

Extended company description: MobileBridge Momentum is a platform for marketing automation, which allows companies to reward clients with tokens for their purchases, support, loyalty and distributing information about the brand.

Company: MobileBridge Switzerland AG



ICO Details

Start of Public ICO: 26.04.2018

Token Sale Duration: One month or until the hard-cap is reached.

Token type: ERC20

Total number of tokens issued: 1,000,000,000

Tokens available (Pre-Sale + Public ICO): 500,000,000

Investment goals:

  • development of the platform.
  • marketing and sales.
  • operating costs.
  • expansion of the partner network.
  • customer support (Customer delivery & success).

Price of 1 MMTM: €0.10 (~0.12 USD)

Accepted payments: ETH

Bounty: Active

Token Role: Functional


Team size (number of persons): 6

Number of advisors and partners: 24

GitHub: n/a

Project Information

MobileBridge Momentum is a platform for marketing automation which allows companies to reward clients with tokens for their purchases, support, loyalty and distributing information about the brand.

The foundation of the platform will be the existing marketing platform called MobileBridge (https://mobilebridge.com), which is scheduled to be fully transferred to blockchain.

MobileBridge (https://mobilebridge.com) determines at what point one needs to interact with the consumer: when to show the consumer a special offer, when to use elements of game, and when to offer bonus points for certain activity. These determinations are based on the location data and situation in real time with existing user data.


MobileBridge Momentum enables companies to produce their own tokens or use MMTM tokens as a reward. Users in turn can use the received tokens in any organization participating on the platform.

Unused tokens can be sold, donated or exchanged for cryptocurrency.
The MobileBridge Momentum will provide the following services:

  • for companies:
  • launching their own loyalty token.
  • creating loyalty programs.
  • for customers:
  • rewards for the promotion of the brand on social media, blogs, for watching videos, etc.
  • receiving rewards for the provision of personal data.

Project advisors:

  • Carsten Thoma (LinkedIn) - investor at CT Investment, formerly, President at SAP, co-founder and managing director at hybris, Germany.
  • Brian Walker (LinkedIn) — managing director at Accenture Interactive, formerly, chief strategy specialist at SAP Hybris, a strategist at hybris, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research.
  • Lars Schlichting (LinkedIn) — partner at KPMG Switzerland, formerly, a lawyer at the Swiss Federal Banking Commission.
  • Piero Crivellaro (LinkedIn) — vice president of public policy at MasterCard, earlier, EU affairs advisor at FECIF and at ACCIS.
  • Jonas Karlberg (LinkedIn) — franchise partner of Sostrene Grene, co-founder and advisor at Nordic Blockchain Association, earlier, founding partner at Driveoff ApS, business consultant at 7-Eleven.
  • Wouter van Neerbos (LinkedIn) — entrepreneur and advisor at Octio Company B.V., previously, GM global commercial operations at Shell Chemicals, a member of the Board of Directors at Elemica.

There are 18 other technical advisors.

Project partners:

ICO partners:

  • KPMG - ensures the audit is conducted.
  • AmaZix - a company that helps to stage ICOs.
  • Agavon - a consultant in the field of blockchain technologies.
  • Fusion ICO - a partner for conducting ICO marketing campaigns.
  • Blonde 2.0 - a partner in the field of brand development.
  • MarsMedia - a partner in the field of marketing.

Technological partners:

  • Deloitte, Salmon, Capgemini, DigitasLBi, SAP, BT, Reply, INZHOOP.


  • Plus, Pirelli, Burger King, Dansk Supermarked, Praxis, etc.

Attracted investments: n/a


The project is based on specialized mobile marketing platform, MobileBridge [https://mobilebridge.com], which combines real-time location and situational data with existing user data for targeting the right client and focusing on choosing the right time to interact with that client. In our opinion, MobileBridge Momentum will receive its first users through its parent company MobileBridge, which will allow the project to maintain its growth during the post-ICO stage.

Strengths of the project:

  • the project will be built on the basis of existing business with existing technologies and global clients.
  • an experienced team and advisors.

Weaknesses of the project:

  • as the ICO campaign has started recently, the project is not very popular among the blockchain community.
  • the market in which the company operates, demonstrates a mature stage of development, that is characterized by a low level of engagement with new users

Market and Industry

According to the results of our market research for MobileBridge Momentum, the project is aimed at the segment of loyalty programs. Let's consider the target market by regions.

(1) Europe

Based on the study of European loyalty programs conducted by Nielsen (2016), we can note the following features:

  • 69% of European residents participate in loyalty programs, where points and bonuses are awarded.
  • The most popular special is the product discount.

The Aimia data agency confirmed the high level of involvement of European countries in existing loyalty programs. According to the Aimia report, 85% of respondents in 11 countries reported that they were members of at least one customer loyalty program in 2015.

(2) the United States:

On the basis of a study conducted by the Bond Brand and Visa, in which 17,000 people were interviewed, conducted by Bond Brand and Visa:

  • consumers actively use only about half of the loyalty programs of which they are members.
  • 44% of the respondents stated that they were satisfied with their experience of the brand loyalty programs. This is similar to the year 2015 (43%) and higher than in 2014 (39%).
  • only 23% of the consumers said that they were satisfied with the way the points can be earned in the loyalty programs they are involved in.
  • the growth of members of loyalty programs slowed to 15% compared to the growth rates of 26% reached in 2015.
  • According to the Forbes data, on average, American families are members of 29 loyalty programs, but they only actively use 12. This participation rate of 42% will continue to decline if traders continue to use predictable user reward models. 

[https://go.colloquy.com/2017-colloquy-loyalty-census?utm_source=us&utm_medium=media] [http://www.nielsen.com/fi/fi/insights/reports/2016/perspectives-on-retail-loyalty-program-participation-and-perks-.html] [https://www.aimia.com/content/dam/aimiawebsite/Aimia2015GlobalLoyaltyLensReport/Aimia%202015%20Global%20Loyalty%20Lens%20Report/AIMIA-Loyalty-Lens-Research-Report.pdf] [http://info.bondbrandloyalty.com/2016-loyalty-report] [http://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2016/30099/the-state-of-customer-loyalty-programs-in-2016]

According to the study by the team, the total marketing spending worldwide will soon exceed $1 trillion. As for the market of loyalty programs, the market volume will soon exceed $500 billion a year. It is expected that the market for mobile marketing will increase by nearly 30% compared to the same period last year and will exceed $ 99 billion by 2021.

Comments: The market of loyalty programs is widespread among the population, and it is in the mature stage of development. It is characterized by a relatively slow involvement of new users and the existence of stable market players. However, the positive point is that MobileBridge is already functioning and has a large number of customers. [https://mobilebridge.com/customers/]


  • Gatcoin - a platform that allows companies to issue digital tokens and use them as part of a common marketing strategy.
  • Sandblock - a platform uniting traders and customers and allowing for the creation of one’s own tokens and joint loyalty programs.
  • BioCoin - a blockchain-based loyalty platform and means of payment.

Summary: The main advantage of MobileBridge Momentum is its existing business and the client base.

Engineering Features of the Platform

MobileBridge Momentum platform is based on blockchain technology with the use of API. The blockchain will be implemented using secure RESTful calls that can interact with smart contracts using the RESTful blk.io erc-20 and web3j interface. The data exchange is encrypted through a secure Internet transport.

As for MobileBridge, it is a 100% B2B SaaS cloud platform, based on the languages of React and NodeJS such as mySQL, MongoDB and Elasticsearch.

Technical description

The platform will work as follows:

  • From the point of view of the consumer:
    Consumers receive tokens as a reward for purchasing goods and services, distributing information about the brand or providing personal data. Consumers and use these tokens to pay for goods and services of the companies. Participants of loyalty programs on the platform, get discounts, exchange for cryptocurrency, etc.
  • From the point of view of business (Partners):
    Companies who buy the tokens of MobileBridge Momentum can become members and create their own loyalty program tokens.

Comments: The process of exchanging tokens of one company for the tokens of another within the loyalty program, as well as the exchange of tokens for money, are not represented in the White Paper.

Technical Roadmap

In the future, with the development of the technology and data, they plan to implement the following:

  • Q1 & Q2 2018: infrastructure development and proof of concept.
  • Q2 2018: the platform launch.
  • Q2/Q3 2018: download user profiles to blockchain.
  • Q3 & Q4 2018: the launch of the Reward Token Storage.
  • Q2/Q3 2019: Token Alliance.
  • 2020: launch of asset storage.

Comments: The project presented a step-by-step strategy for the development of the platform. Given the fact that the team has a broad advisory board in the field of blockchain, these plans can be completed in time. The smart contract is currently unavailable in open repositories.


We have analyzed the MobileBridge Momentum site and documentation for sufficiency and consistency to make an investment decision.

Information about the project is contained in the White Paper and the Light Paper.  The documents are available in English. The project is described in detail in the White Paper. The main emphasis is on the functionality of the platform, process, and the technology.

The website also provides information on: the project, RoadMap, ICO, partners, team and advisors. The site is available in English. The advantage of the site is a detailed description of the platform services.

Summary: The documentation provides insight into the project. The platform operation and the provided services are described in sufficient detail.


Percentage of tokens to be issued for sale: 50%

Start of Public ICO: April 26th, 2018

Token type: ERC20

Accepted payments: ETH

1 MMTM price: €0.10 (~0.12 USD)

Crowdsale duration: One month or until the hard-cap is reached

MobileBridge Momentum is a utility token that is used in the following ways:

Token limit: 1,000,000,000

Advantages for token holders: tokens are functional, which allows usage of the platform services.

Dividends: no

Additional issue of the tokens: no

Escrow: n/a

Max Goal: 42,000,000 EUR

Minimum Goal: 2,500,000 EUR


All bonus tokens are vested for a period of 12 months and will be transferred to the user’s wallet after the vesting period.

Comments: In order to comply with legislation combating money laundering all buyers will have to undergo the process of KYC ("Know your customer"), which meets the Swiss legal requirements.


Link to the Bounty:  [https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2969733.0]

The project allocates 2% of all issued tokens to the Bounty program. The program will be open in the following directions:

Summary: The project has an extensive bounty program. All the terms of the program are specified in the link. The rewards will be distributed within 45 days after the end of the tokensale.

Token and Capital Distribution

Tokens and capital are distributed according to the following scheme:

Summary: Tokens do not affect the distribution of shares in the company. The reward system is set up so that it's more advantageous to buy tokens earlier. The team’s tokens lock for a period of 12 months from the start of sales.

Project Development Plans

Roadmap of the project

Summary: Marketing strategy, scaling plans and methods for attracting users to the platform are not disclosed in the White Paper. However, the presence of major existing customers will definitely have a positive impact on the image of the platform.


The team consists of 6 people, as well as 24 advisors. Information on the core members of the team (LinkedIn):

  • Kees de Vos (LinkedIn) – CEO at MobileBridge, advisor for the Hammer Team - Start Up Incubator, earlier, chief product and marketing officer at MetaPack, CCO at Hybris software.
  • Eyal Oster (LinkedIn) – co-founder and president at MobileBridge, member of the Board of Advisors at Eventboost, previously, CEO at Sternpixel, director of embedded video space systems for the NASA International Space Station at Aitech Defense Systems.
  • Ariel Luedi (LinkedIn) – chairman at MobileBridge, founder of Hammer Team - Growth Accelerator, earlier, CEO at hybris, sales specialist (SVP Sales EMEA) at salesforce.com and at BroadVision, vice president of sales at Oracle Switzerland.

There are 3 other people in the team.

Summary: 2 team members, the chairman and a member of the Board did not indicate their affiliation to the project. The team also includes a technical expert in blockchain, the CTO, and a member of the Board.


Information about the project is available on a variety of popular services such as Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Bitcointalk, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. The project’s Bounty program is open.

The team is conducting an advertising campaign on social media. News is regularly updated on Twitter.

The format of articles about the project suggests that they were mainly written by the project team as reviews or as an announcement of another project staging an ICO. 

Comments: The level of interest in the project is rather low for the time being. The marketing campaign is mainly being developed on Twitter.

Analysis of the MobileBridge Momentum site traffic based on the Analysis data showed that:

Traffic sources: [https://a.pr-cy.ru/momentumtoken.io]

Site evaluation: 0.65

Traffic: visitors: 4,426, views: 17,700

Social activity: score: 99, source: VKontakte: 0, Facebook shares: 99, Google+: 0

Summary: Based on the data available about the project it can be concluded that the marketing campaign: was launched recently, and users have not learned about the project sufficiently. Metrics on the project site are not yet available. The team is conducting an advertising campaign on Twitter and communicating with users in Telegram.


You can contact the developers through:









The information contained in the document is for informational purposes only. ICORating received monetary compensation from the entity rated in this report for completing the ratings report. However, the entity rated in this report did not have the opportunity to approve this rating report before the report was published, nor did the rated entity have the opportunity to edit or remove this report once it was published. The views expressed in this document are solely those of the ICORating Team, based on data obtained from open access and information that developers provided to the team through Skype, email or other means of communication. Our goal is to increase the transparency and reliability of the young ICO market and to minimize the risk of fraud. We appreciate feedback with constructive comments, suggestions and ideas on how to make the analysis more comprehensive and informative.