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IHT Basic Review

Project details


Ticker symbol: IHT

Project type: Real Estate

Extended company description: IHT is a technology for smart contracts and distributed accounting developed for real estate transactions on the i-house.com platform, which positions itself as a cloud platform for managing immovable assets.

Company: Aladdin Fintech Company Ltd


White paper

ICO details

Public ICO start: 1Q 2018

Public ICO end: N/A

Token Sale duration (weeks): N/A

Token type: ERC 20

Token emission: 1,000,000,000

Tokens available (Pre-Sale + Public ICO): 35,000,000

Investment goal:

Accepted payment: ETH

Bounty: not announced

Token role: functional


Team (number of people): 9

Advisors and partners (number of people): 11

GitHub: N/A

Social media

Twitter: Postings: 65, Subscribers: 7754

Telegram: Subscribers: 5422

Linkedin: Subscribers: 19;

Facebook: Subscribers: 20,048

Project information

IHT is a technology for smart contracts and distributed accounting developed for real estate transactions on the i-house.com platform, which positions itself as a cloud platform for managing immovable assets.

Users will be able to invest small amounts in property, low-risk and high-security real estate.

By merging real estate and blockchain on one platform, according to the project team it will be possible to bring developers, financial institutions, profile consultants and users together to exchange digital loans. All token holders and investors will be beneficiaries of i-house.com (Real Estate Blockchain).

The project will offer the following services:

  • IHT wallet.
  • Transactions involving real estate.
  • Investing in real estate.
  • Rent.
  • Payment for utility services.
  • Smart household services.
  • Integration with p2p financial instruments such as Lending Club, Zopa, Prosper, FundingCircle.


Yale ReiSoleil (Linkedin) - Chairman and CEO of ReiSoleil McAfee Crowdchain, partner of Sichuan Hongjian Medical Investment Management Co., Ltd., CEO of Trealth Co.

Sergey Grybniak (Linkedin) - Founder of Opporty.Com, technical director of We Are Immediate, co-founder of clever-solution.com, advisor at Singree.com.

John McAfee (Linkedin) - Founder of Future Tense Secure Systems, formerly: founder of QuorumEx, member of the board of Zone Labs, founder of Tribal Voice.

Richard Wang (Linkedin) - Partner in DFJ Dragon Fund, formerly managing Director of China Smart Strategies, CEO in QunZhong E Commerce, Managing Director of Olea Systems, Inc.

Adrian Lam (Linkedin) - ICO leader at Electrify Pte Ltd, founder of Workzspace.com, member of Independent Council of GLG (Gerson Lehrman Group).

Roy M. (Linkedin) - Director of Business Development at Cleveland International Fund, previously: Head of International Department at MultiBank Exchange Group, Managing Director, Great Texas Regional Center.

David Wang (N/A) - creator of Datachain.

Henry Yu (L&Y Law Office) - Creator and partner at L & Y Law Office.

Victor Zhou (N/A) - Chief Operating Officer of Fosun International Limited.

Ivy Hou (Linkedin) - Senior manager at Deloitte Canada, previously worked for Deloitte Canada, intern at EY.

Maryann Tseng (Linkedin) - Managing Director of CLSA, previously executive director at Morgan Stanley, mentor for Women's Foundation.


Partners: N/A

Attracted investments:

Draper Dragon - A venture fund investing in innovative projects.

Blockchain Ventures - A venture fund investing in blockchain projects.

Collin Star - An asset management company specializing in blockchain infrastructure, digital currency investments and related advisory services.

Badwater Capital - An investment fund.

Oex - A currency exchange.

Mcafee Coin - An accelerator focused on blockchain companies in China.

Tangle Capital - Business angels investing in digital assets.

Amount of investment totals more than $30 million.


The IHT project possesses experienced specialists who have created the platform, i-house.com, and the IHT protocol for working with real estate.

Strengths of the project:

  • The project involves well-known, experienced advisors.
  • $30 million of venture investments has already been attracted.
  • According to the roadmap, the project already has an MVP.

Weaknesses of the project:

  • Methods for dealing with legal issues regarding rights to own shares in real estate are not described.
  • The market demonstrates only a moderate growth rate.

Market and industry

According to a PWC report, the real estate market will grow and become more global. It is expected that growth will be about 7% per year for the next 2 years due to stabilization in the global economy as well as investment growth. We should also note that growth in investment in housing is also small; a year earlier it was set at 4% per year (MSCI).  [https://www.pwc.com/sg/en/real-estate/assets/pwc-real-estate-2020-building-the-future.pdf], [https://www.msci.com/www/research-paper/real-estate-market-size-2016/0183961169]

According to research conducted by the project team, the total capitalization of the global real estate market is approximately $217 trillion, which is approximately 2.7 times higher than global GDP and 36 times higher than global gold production (6 trillion) and accounts for 60% of the world’s major assets. In addition, the future growth and improvement of relevant indicators is projected.

Comments: The pace of the real estate market (including investment) is that of a mature market, characterized by moderate growth and the presence of established regional players.

Undoubtedly, the volume of the global real estate market is very large (also confirmed by the white paper), which could help the project to occupy its target niche. However, a mature market will require more investment to restructure than emerging markets.


We have identified the following competitors:

Atlant - An international blockchain platform for the tokenization of real estate and rental.

Clicktopurchas - A platform for buying and selling real estate online.

Propy - A platform for buying and investing in real estate.

Summary: The main difference between IHT and the above competitors is provision of a wider range of services such as utilities, rentals, real estate transactions, investments, etc.

Engineering features of the platform

The platform is built on the basis of blockchain technology using smart contracts.

The ATO (Asset Tokenize Offering) mechanism will be used for separation of property. It will also be possible to use the platform for P2P lending when investing in real estate.

Technical description

A property under the management of IHT will be placed on i-house.com – it could be accommodation, a hotel or a joint workspace.

The ultimate goal is that everyone can own a partial distribution of economic assets such as a hostel hosted on Airbnb, or a shared workspace managed by Wework, and receive rental income. This is what IHT callx "The new way of asset management”. [https://ihtcoin.com/whitepaper]

A smart contract will link asset owners and buyers; it will also enable dividing real estate between several owners.

IHT will also enable investing in real estate via smart contract.

Ownership rights are also fragmented via smart contract using the REIT securitization of property as a basis.  [https://tranio.ru/traniopedia/glossary/reit/]

Comments: According to the roadmap, the platform is ready to go. Screenshots of the future service can be seen on the website.

Technical roadmap

In the future, with the development of technology and the amount of data it is planned to implement the following:

Q1 2018 - beta testing of i-house.com v1.0:

  • The IHT 1.0 service is positioned as PaaS, Protocol-as-a-Service, offering a standardized initialization and publication process for ATO (Asset Tokenize Offering) to asset owners. It acts as a neutral agent for asset owners and financial institutions. [http://i-house.com/#/about?s=business]

Q2 2018 - official launch of i-house.com v2.0:

Comments: According to the roadmap, the project will complete the platform before the end of March 2018. The team however does not specify a timeline for development of the third version of the platform, although there is information on the third version on the i-House website.

It is not possible to see the smart contract for the project since there is no GitHub account. The i-House service can be found at this link: http://i-house.com/


We have analyzed the website and documentation of IHT Real Estate Protocol for sufficiency and consistency for making an investment decision.

Information about the project is provided in the white paper in English and Chinese. The project is described in sufficient detail in the white paper. The main emphasis is on functions and components of the platform.

The website also provides information about the project, the roadmap, frequently asked questions, advisors and the team. The website is presented in English and Chinese. The website has a question and answer column.

Summary: The documentation allows forming a comprehensive view of the project. The project’s functioning is described in sufficient detail.


Tokens issued for sale%: 35

Public ICO start: 1st Quarter 2018

Token type: ERC-20

Accepted payment: ETH

Price of 1 IHT: 0.1 USD

Crowdsale duration: N/A

Asset owners and financial institutions can use cash and IHT tokens on the platform:

  • Funds can be deposited and withdrawn after buyback from ATO. All purchases and profits will be made in fiat currency.
  • IHT token is used for ATO initializing and paying for services.

Token limitation: 1,000,000,000

Advantages for token holders: the tokens are functional, for sale or for use on the platform.

Dividends: No

Additional token emission: No

Escrow: No

Max goal: $35,000,000

Min goal: $7,500,000

Bonuses: Pre-sale:

  • Bonus - 15%;
  • Minimum purchase amount - 50 ETH.

Comments: All unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO. The incentive system is built such way that it is more profitable to buy tokens in advance.

Token and capital distribution

Tokens and capital are distributed according to the following scheme:

Summary: Tokens do not affect the distribution of shares in the company.

  • 30% of the reserve fund will be frozen for 24 months.
  • IHT tokens belonging to early investors will be frozen for 6 months.
  • Employee tokens will be issued within 6 months and will be paid every 3rd month within 24 months, starting from the token sale.

Development plans

The Roadmap

  • Q4 2018 - Expansion to the USA, Australia and European markets.
  • Q4 2019 - Coverage of the real estate market in 10 additional countries including China.

Summary: The team has presented a plan for scaling the project. A marketing plan for Q1 2018 can be found in the white paper.


The team consists of 9 people and 11 advisors. Information about the main team members based on LinkedIn is given below:

Ricky Ng (Linkedin) - President and Founder. Co-founder of iClick Interactive Asia Limited, advisor at McAfee Crowdchain Accelerator Inc. (McAfeeXL), previously business director at Tetris Media Ltd, senior business manager at Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Evan Kim (Linkedin) - Operational Director. Chief Operating Officer at Aladdin Finetch Company (HK) Limited.

Eric Dao (Linkedin) - Chief Blockchain Specialist. Chief Operating Officer at XiaoYi Technology; previously worked extensively for Microsoft in various positions.

The team has 6 people in addition:

Summary: No one apart from the founder has indicated affiliation with the IHT project.

The team is mostly from China. The team has the following specialists: A director of marketing, a CFO, Blockchain Consultant, Head of Technical Department, Product Specialist and a Legal Specialist.


Information about the project is available via various popular services such as Twitter, Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook and BitcoinTalk. The project does not have a bounty program.

The team is active on social media. News of the project is regularly updated on Twitter and Facebook.

The format of articles published about the project suggests that they were written mainly to the project's order.

Comments: Interest in the project is gradually growing. The marketing campaign is being developed mainly on Facebook and Twitter.

Traffic analysis of the IHT Real Estate Protocol website based on Similarweb.com data showed the following:

Traffic source: Similarweb

Comments: direct link: 65.64%, referrals: 9.18%, search: 20.19%, social media: 4.79%, mail: 0.2%

Search traffic: 20.19%, 99.53% of which is "organic"

Referral links: 0.0918

Analysis of activity for the IHT Real Estate Protocol website based on BE1.ru data showed the following:

Traffic source: [https://be1.ru/stat/ihtcoin.com]

Comments: Site visitors’ top 5 countries: USA - 20.11%, Vietnam - 14.77%, China - 6.95%, Colombia - 6.28%, Spain - 4.31%

Referral links: icorating.com - 35.59%, altcoinstalks.com - 27.07%, airdropalert.com - 16.58%, digitaljournal.com - 12.39%, dropbox.com - 5.00%

Social activity: Facebook - 53.38%, Twitter - 42.61%, VK - 4.01%


Traffic analysis of the IHT Real Estate Protocol website based on analysis data showed the following:

Traffic source: [https://a.pr-cy.ru/ihtcoin.com]

Website rating: 0.67

Activity: visitors: 11,232, views: 44,940

Social activity: score: 49, source: VK: 0, Facebook reposts: 49, Google+: 0

Summary: According to available data, there is interest in the project, which is conducting an advertising campaign on Twitter and Facebook but communicates with users via Telegram irregularly. There are publications available. Over the last month website traffic has grown by 25,000.


The developers can be contacted using the links below:







The information contained in the document is for informational purposes only. ICORating received monetary compensation in the amount of $5000 from the entity rated in this report for completing the ratings report. However, the entity rated in this report did not have the opportunity to approve this rating report before the report was published, nor did the rated entity have the opportunity to edit or remove this report once it was published. The views expressed in this document are solely those of the ICORating Team, based on data obtained from open access and information that developers provided to the team through Skype, email or other means of communication. Our goal is to increase the transparency and reliability of the young ICO market and to minimize the risk of fraud. We appreciate feedback with constructive comments, suggestions and ideas on how to make the analysis more comprehensive and informative.