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Esports Basic Review

Project details

Name: eSports

Ticker symbol: ERT

Project type: E-sport, gambling, sports book.

Extended company description: A blockchain platform that gathers a community of gamers and their fans.

Company: Esports.com Ltd 





ICO details

Public ICO launch: 01.11.2017 

Public ICO end date: 30.11.2017 

Crowdsale duration (weeks): 4,1 

Token type: ERC-20 

Token supply: 60 000 000 

Tokens available for purchase (Pre-Sale + Public ICO): 24 000 000 

The purpose of attracting investments: The project team is promising to launch their esports portal (with a store, betting on eSports and eSports University rates), as well as its physical center for eSports in Berlin, should it collect 20 million euros. 

1 FUEL price: From 0.78 EUR to 1.04 EUR 

Accepted payments: Bitcoin, Ethereum. 

Bounty: As of 29.10.2017 a program is not announced. The project team plans to launch a bounty program soon.

Token role: Functional



Team (number of people):  8

Advisors and partners (number of people):  7



Social media

Telegram: Subscribers: 3300 

Reddit: Subscribers: 8 

Linkedin: Subscribers: 24 

Facebook: Subscribers: 12140 

Youtube Posting: 12, Subscribers: 1131


Project information

A gamer community platform. The eSports community portal consists of three main sections: Education, entertainment and statistics. Also eSports betting.

eSports consists of three main fields:

  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Statistics

There are 4 proposed income streams:

  • An eSports online store allowing users to buy equipment or gaming items from
  • eSports or from licensed partners, suppliers, or other eSports teams.
  • Licensed bets on eSport provided in real time and eSports at proprietary rates.
  • The University of eSports, which includes guides, textbooks and lessons from the
  • community and professional players.
  • A physical centre for ESports in Berlin (with a crowdfunding goal of € 20 million.)

Platform subscribers can choose a custom account offering access to exclusive areas of eSports.com.

The Esports.com portal will remain without ads for the first 12 months; this privilege will also be retained for premium users.


  • ESL  originally Electronic Sports League, is an eSports company which organizes competitions worldwide. ESL is the world’s largest eSports company, and the oldest professional eSports organization that is still operational. Based in Cologne, Germany, ESL has eleven offices and multiple international TV studios. ESL is the largest eSports company to broadcast on Twitch (the most popular live streaming video platform for games).
  • Sport1 – a sports media brand in Germany, offering TV, web, mobile and radio content. They have been successfully pushing eSports for several years now. Through the partnership eSports gain access to their superb editorial content, hosted live streams as well as on-site teams.
  • SBtech  - platform for the betting and community. SBtech has been proven to be one of the most advanced solutions in this field and many major brands are using their solutions already.

SportsBookCloud  – tech partner. The company is working with BetRadar on creating advanced eSports betting solutions; they are oneof only 5 companies which hold the BetRadar Gold status.

ProSieben  - media network in Germany, active works with eSports. We are cooperating with ProSieben Games through their Adspree Media in creating online content for eSports. Our content will be integrated into their online offerings and is the goal to create joint media campaigns.



  • MELISSA BLAU  — Director of IGAMING CAPITAL, Co-Founder and investor at Fastfantasy, Inc. Has more than 15 years of experience in managing and developing business in the gambling and casino industries.
  • MATE TOKAY — COO at BITCOIN.COM. Formerly CEO of the Bitcoinist.net information portal.
  • ERIC BENZ  —Managing director at Cryptopay. Founder of the UK Digital Currency Association. Lead advisor in such projects as: GoCoin, Changetip, Uphold, Credits, Blockex, True ip.io, Dao.casino.
  • BRYAN LARKIN  — Founder & CEO for SKYLAB TECHNOLOGY. One of the founders of Faction one (independent cybersecurity for the VIP); has more than 20 experience in system architecture and administration.
  • HEIKO Hubertz — Founder of BIGPOINT.com, CEO in WHOW Games (Jackpot.de). More than 10 years managed Bigpoint GmbH, then sold 70% of Bigpoint GmbH and became a member of the supervisory board. Previously the founder of AASP GmbH, CEO at Coolspot AG. He is now a business angel supporting promising startups and internet projects such as Kreditech, Easybill and Hitfox.
  • DAN Verowski  — writer and IDEA FACILITATOR. Co-founder of Voice It, project manager at www.aeternity.com. He has been working in the information technology field for several years as ScrumMaster & business analyst.
  • ESTEBAN VAN GOOR  — expert on ICOs and cryptocurrencies, lawyer. Recently joined Megalodon Capital (specializing in investing in blockchain assets and technology companies) as managerial partner. Regular speaker at technical conferences such as: GamingInholland Conference, Russian Games week, European Conference on Bitcoin, World Conference ITX ICE and PXC Conference on IPX, Taxamo VAT 2015 conference with HMRC and others.


Investments attracted:

100 000 USD



The platform's development strategy builds on the involvement of audiences interested in eSports activities and the organization of rates for announcements.

Token holders can access platform services.



Specialists from the esports industry and sports betting are behind the eSports project. The project team and the technology platform that the project uses are aimed at creating a system for receiving bets on sporting events (SBtech, SportsBookCloud), but the project intends to create a community around esports.

This strategy is currently attracting interest to the project.

Strengths of the project:

  • The availability of a working prototype of the platform.
  • The project is being developed by reputable founders.
  • The project has assembled a sufficiently large community around itself.
  • The project team has chosen a fast growing market that will facilitate the team in developing the project.

Weaknesses of the project:

  • The project team is trying to develop 4 directions on the same platform, which could cause the project to lose the focus of its efforts and disrupt its development plans.


Market and industry

The Technavio analytic company predicted that the global gaming market would grow by more than 6% (CAGR) between 2016 and 2020. In 2016, this market was US$99.6 billion. (Newzoo analytics). Also according to Newzoo, the number of players currently stands at approximately 2 billion.

According to Statista, the esports market in 2017 will amount to US$696 million. By 2020, the cumulative annual growth (CAGR) will be 32%. The audience size for esports events overall will be 385 million.

According to the project, global rates for eSports bets exceeded €5 billion in 2016, and the market is expected to grow to 25-45 billion euros by the year 2020. In terms of interest in eSports, the team predicts that by the end of 2017 there will be 380 million fans of eSports (Riot).


We believe that the market analysis given in the white paper is not sufficient.

The project focuses only on the betting market, not on the entire market that is claimed by its representatives. Plus, the team wants to charge for PRO accounts and ads.

We believe that the project should also calculate the volume of the market for cyber goods, the eSports University, its physical center for eSports in Berlin, as well as revenue from PRO accounts and advertising on the portal since these directions are stated in the WP.



The following competitors are listed in the WP:

  • Teamfind - a platform for finding a team, a player or a coach.
  • Seekteam - a platform for finding a team, a player or a coach.
  • Gleetz - a social network for finding a team or player. - Guilded (https://www.guilded.gg/) — a platform providing opportunities to find a player, a team, organize training games, participate in tournaments, and provide ratings.
  • Dreamteam  - is a platform for recruitment and management of esports and gaming on blockchain technology.

We also found the following company:

  • Eloplay - a blockchain-based platform that allows searching for teams and players in order to participate in tournaments (the Eloplay team responded to a question about its further development by saying that it plans to soon introduce such services as: searching for a manager, coach, transfers.


The projects presented above are mainly focused on working with the gamer community (professionals and amateurs). eSports also offers the functionality to engage with a fan audience.


Engineering features of the platform

Technology description

The project team promises to provide screenshots of its system and a clickable prototype during the first stage of the ICO [2]. However, the white paper also has a link to a betting demo.

The project currently has a third-party platform provider. However, in the long term, eSports.com plans to launch its own portal. SportsBookCloud (SBC) is helping the project to create this solution.

The project also indicates that it is ready to obtain gambling licences for its territories. While those outside these territories are unable to gamble, they will still have access to the rest of our community portal.

Comment: The project presented a demo version of the platform, which can be used to familiarize yourself with the results of CS:GO.


Technological Roadmap

December, 2017

  • Portal version No. 1 — direct streaming and proposal of bets.
  • Connected Games: League of Legends, CS:GO.
  • Supported languages: ENG, GER.

Q1 2018

  • Development of additional functionality.
  • Supported languages: ENG, GER, RU, SP.

Q2 2018

  • Obtain a venue for the University of eSports in Berlin.
  • Connected Games: League of Legends, CS:GO, Hearthstone, DOTA2, Overwatch.
  • Increase the number of supported languages.

Q3 2018

  • Building and developing the eSports University
  • Add Casino/regular sportsbook to the platform
  • Start our 24/7 eSports content stream together with partners

Q4 2018

  • Opening of the eSports University
  • Unlock premium account system
  • Start of developing of a subscription gaming solution for the US

1st half of 2019

  • Introducing premium subscriptions
  • Going live in Asia and US (subscription gaming)
  • Launch of the first eSports University competitive teams

2nd half of 2019

  • Launching V2.0 of the community platform including all features asked for by the community
  • Diversifying into new technologies such as VR live reporting
  • First competitive results from the eSports University Teams

Comment: During the process of technological development, eSports is developing all four directions identified in the white paper. As we can see from the project team's experience, they are expected to organize betting on sporting events, but this is not specified in the Roadmap. There is also a feature that we believe will hinder development of the esports Platform: adding a Casino and VR streaming. We believe that the project should develop the functionality that will enable the formation of a community of gamers and their fans. And maybe add the functionality to organize the bets on esports, not the casino. The roadmap also does not specify anything about the launch of the eSports online store.

A smart contract for the project is represented on the open repository.

Screenshot of repository

Comment: You can see the structure of the smart contract in the repository.

Resume:  In general, the project is being developed within the framework of the declared roadmap. The project has a working demo product.



We checked the site and documentation of the eSports for sufficiency and consistency in order to make an investment decision.

The documentation includes the white paper which is available in English and German. Remaining documents are available in English and German. The submitted documents describe eSports in sufficient detail. However, due to the large number of areas that the project team hopes to develop, not all directions are worked through with sufficient detail.

The website provides the following information: About the project, the team, the answers to the most frequently asked questions. The site is available in English, German.

Resume:  The documentation provides insight into the project. However, information is not provided for all areas of the project's development.



Public ICO launch: November 1, 2017

Tokens to be released, %  40%

Token type: ERC-20

Accepted as payment: Bitcoin, Ethereum

1FUEL cost From 0.78 EUR to 1.04 EUR

Crowdsale period: 4 weeks, until November 30, 2017 ERT is the main currency on the community platform, which allows purchase of goods and services and making of bets. ERT is also used to reward users for activity (generated content, platform usage). In addition, ERT token owners will be able to participate in lotteries. The terms are not yet announced.

Token issue limit: 60 000 000

Advantages for token holders: The amount of tokens is limited, tokens are functional, enabling use of the platform services. Maximum planning amount of profit: 25 000 000 EUR

Tokens are sold in several stages.

Comment:  The unsold tokens will be frozen into a fund by the company. If the project raises 5,000,000 €, early investors will be offered a 10% bonus.

The project team plans to place ERT tokens on exchange platforms. The project also plans to buy tokens.


As of 29.10.2017 the bounty program is not announced. The project team plans to launch the program soon.

Tokens and capital distribution

Tokens and capital are distributed according to the following scheme: 

Resume: Tokens do not affect the distribution of shares in the company. The reward system is set up so that it is more advantageous to buy tokens earlier. 


Development plans

The team notes that the focus of the marketing strategy will be on the quality of the content being published.

On the basis of the roadmap, we have identified the following stages of project promotion:

  • Q2 2018: Start of heavy marketing campaign in core markets together with sponsored teams and TV/twitch presence.
  • Q3 2018: Expand into more test markets in Europe and legal assessment on expansion into Asia and (with subscription gaming only!) USA.
  • Q4 2018: Expand into specific Asian countries.

Resume: Based on data from the white paper, we see that the project intends to develop mainly in Asian countries, Europe and the United States (subscription only).



The team consists of 8 people, as well as 7 advisors. Information on the principal participants of the team (LinkedIn):

Benjamin Föckersperger  - Co- Founder / Chief Esports. Serial entrepreneur and gamer with more than 10 years of experience. Currently involved in 9 projects. He is in the games industry since 2004, from the game tester, producer, and to the CEO/founder of such projects as: SlipShift, 3LuckyGuys(Casinovertise), 4xPlatform GmbH, GAMIFY now, www.jackpot.de, Gamers' Congress / LAN Foundation e.V.. Co-founder of marketing agency http://anchor-point-marketing.com, Freakin Kebab burger restaurant. Founder, investor and mentor (Föckersperger Ventures UG, Blue Terra Ventures UG).

Philipp Geppert  - Co- Founder/CEO. Experienced CEO in the field of sports book. He previously worked as a development manager for online games in Tabella s.r.o.

Robin Lawson  - is the chief operating director. An experienced top manager in the gambling industry, previously worked in the field of commercial real estate.

Ivan Nikolaev, Head of Trading. Head of the casino at Winslet Enterprises. In the gambling and sports business since 2011, starting with the trader's sport in Playtech, the senior sport trader in Rational Group to chapter E-Sports in PokerStars and Sportsbook & Casino Product Owner in Pathwwway.

There are four other people in the team.

Comment: The entire core team indicates its affiliation with the project.

Resume: 9 people (including undeclared members of the team) specify their affiliation with the project on LinkedIn. The team is mainly from Germany and the Czech Republic. The team also has experienced and industry-renowned professionals: Michael Broda — financial director (no project affiliation specified), Hristo Traktorski — Product Owner [29] eSports.com, Benjamin Kratsh — director of global content, Dr. Joseph F. Borg — legal advisor.



Project information is available on the site, as well as on Facebook, Telegram, Youtube, Reddit. The team communicates with users on social media and posts videos.

The project is covered in social media; the team responds to user questions onTelegram. The format of the few articles about the project indicates that they were primarily ordered by the project.

Comment:  Users' interest in the project is high. The main marketing campaign is deployed on Telegram, Youtube, and Facebook.

Analysis of the site traffic based on Similarweb.com data showed that:

Traffic Sources (Similarweb.com)


Comment:  90.61% of traffic comes via direct link, 7.02% of traffic comes through search queries.

Traffic through search: Traffic through searches is "organic", which indicates the interest of network users in esports.

Referral links: There are no referral links.

Comment:  Because there is no data on the number of users on the site, it is not possible to talk about how popular it is.

Linkedin is the most popular channel in social media.

Resume:  Based on our analysis of the marketing campaign, we can conclude that users are interested in the project. The team maintains an active ad campaign on Facebook and communicates with users in Telegram.

It is noted in the white paper that the title of the esports.com site will also increase popularity of the project, which we also agree with.



You can contact the developers via the following links:










Useful links

1. Website: https://esports.com/

2. White paper: https://esports.com/whitepaper

4. Crowdsale Terms and Conditions: https://esports.com/tc

6. Similarweb https://www.similarweb.com/website/esports.com


The information contained in the document is for informational purposes only. ICORating received monetary compensation from the entity rated in this report for completing the ratings report. However, the entity rated in this report did not have the opportunity to approve this rating report before the report was published, nor did the rated entity have the opportunity to edit or remove this report once it was published. The views expressed in this document are solely those of the ICORating Team, based on data obtained from open access and information that developers provided to the team through Skype, email or other means of communication. Our goal is to increase the transparency and reliability of the young ICO market and to minimize the risk of fraud. We appreciate feedback with constructive comments, suggestions and ideas on how to make the analysis more comprehensive and informative.