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Aeron Basic Review


About the Project

Name: Aeron

Ticker symbol: ARN

Project type: an open platform for the regulation of aviation on the blockchain


White paper


ICO details

Starts: September 19, 2017 at 00:00 UTC

Sale length: 5 weeks

Token type: ERC20

Total tokens: 100,000,000 ARN

Available in Token Sale: 60%

Fundraising goal: $30,000,000

Price: 0.5 USD

Accepted: ETH, BTC

Bonuses: +25%/+20%/+15%/+10%/+5% ARN on the 1/2/3/4/5th week of token sale respectively.



Team size: 12 members + 5 advisors



Social media

Twitter: 90 tweets, 1629 followers

Medium: 16 followers

Reddit: 11 subscribers

Facebook: 1371 likes, 1388 followers

Bitcointalk: 125 messages, read 3398 times

Telegram: 245 members


Aeron is a decentralized system enabling the interaction of all participants in the private air transport industry in all its aspects: Newcomers wishing to study to be pilots, flight schools, certified pilots, aircraft owners, service companies, flight operators and passengers.

The idea of the project is based on improving the safety of air flight by ensuring transparency of information for each node of the system: the pilot's experience and the validity of his license, technical condition of the aircraft and operator information. All this information, currently stored on paper or on centralized servers and potentially subject to falsification, will cease to be closed.

In addition, the problem of differences in flight log maintenance standards is being solved. The aim is to record flights using a mobile application.

The success of the project largely depends on the recognition by aeronautical authorities of the Aeron database as a reliable source of information on flying hours of private pilots (10% of the budget is allocated for industry lobbying.)

Aeron is created from an existing service for private air transportation and search for flight schools https://aerotrips.com/. The scheme of the platform is simple and logical:

There is an application for pilots for recording flight parameters; the pilot keeps statistics of flights and transmits data about the current flight via this application.

There will also be an application for operators and service companies through which operators will be able to track information about current flights, information on pilots’ experience as well as the ability to assign tasks regarding aircraft maintenance.

Currently, there is no application for passengers; they can search for trips via the website https://aerotrips.com/, but they will also be able to see information about pilots’ experience.Airspace regulators also will be provided with access to a common information base.

Thus, the entire general aviation (private aviation) ecosystem will be integrated through a single database, mobile applications (for the pilot and for the company owner of the aircraft or aviation service operator) and a public portal, aerotrips.com.

An interface will also be developed for aviation authorities and the automatic data collection system ATC (Air Traffic Control) in territories where such a system is deployed.Issued tokens will be accepted as payment for services within the system. The ERC20 standard enables tokens to possess high liquidity.


The idea of the project seems interesting for long-term investors, but this company have to do a great job, first of all, by creating the conditions in which participants of the system would be interested in joining the platform themselves - we do not see such incentives at this stage. In addition, 5 days after the start of the ICO, the project has attracted only $1.5 million, which indicates low popularity of the project among the community.


Pros of the project:

  • Comprehensive information about the project and the founders.
  • Clearly formulated, logically coordinated development plan.
  • The project is based on an existing service.
  • Experienced team and advisors.

Cons of the project:

  • Lack of powerful motivation for potential participants to join the project.
  • Low popularity of the ideas among the community.
  • Serious obstacles for the development of the project in the form of state regulation of the industry.


Aerotrips, as an aggregator of air travel offers, has many competitors covering their locations. It is not possible to assess the degree of influence of their activities since there is no disclosed information.

Aeron with its idea for the decentralization of private transportation regulation is a unique product in the market.

Aerotrips services offered:

  • search aircraft for rent without a pilot (a unique offer in the market.)
  • joint flights by private pilots (Flight Sharing Service);
  • local competitors.https://en.wingly.io/ and https://coavmi.com/en.
  • aviation schools aggregator.tourist services (popular destination; local competitors.)
  • air taxis, charters and business air transportation - many competitors.
  • additional service - the sale of regular air tickets - many competitors.


The market for private air transportation services is growing and looks promising. ImagineAir has examined the existing obstacles to mass distribution: a sufficient number of pilots, aircraft and airfield capabilities. These may be overcome and the market is capable of development.

The following aspects become the main drivers of development: business travel, tourist flights and the training of a new generation of pilots (requires airplanes, experienced pilots/ instructors). It is quite possible that in the near future such expensive transportation will be implemented for most valuable small-sized cargoes.


In the white paper, all necessary information is well-presented. In addition, there are exhaustive blocks of information about project development and the team on the website . There are links to social networks and communities.


Starts: September 19, 2017 at 00:00 UTC

Sale length: 5 weeks

Token type: ERC20

Total tokens: 100,000,000 ARN

Available in Token Sale: 60%

Fundraising goal: $30,000,000

Price: 0.5 USD

Accepted: ETH, BTC

Bonuses: +25%/+20%/+15%/+10%/+5% ARN on the 1/2/3/4/5th week of token sale respectively.

The project has established a volume of token emission of 100 million ARN, 60% of which are involved in the token sale. 20% of the remaining tokens will be directed to project development, 18% are for developers and 2% will cover administrative costs.

Raised funds are planned to be used in the following way:

  • 40% - research and development.
  • 30% - marketing and promotion.
  • 10% - infrastructure construction.
  • 10% - regulation with state representatives.
  • 5% - legal advice.
  • 5% - administration.


The developers have a clear idea of how the project will develop. By the end of 2017, having completed the ICO, there will be applications created for pilots and companies; their testing is scheduled to be completed by March 2018. In early 2018, the team is planning to close issues with state regulation, to integrate the blockchain into the existing service in April, and to accept token payments without restriction in June.


The project has a strong team of experienced specialists. The main players are:

Artem Orange (CEO) - 15 years of experience in finance and telecommunications.

Nadezhda Barkanova (CTO) - 11 years of experience in creating aeronautical databases and flight crew training programs.

Konstantin Gertman (CDO) is a co-founder of aerotrips.com, with 14 years of experience in consulting and market research, and is a certified pilot.

The team includes an experienced programmer, cryptoanalyst, business development specialist in China and Europe, software developer, bigdata analyst, blockchain developer and others. These include Eric Benz (business strategy, partners, integration of blockchain into real economy), Nikolay Syusko (marketing and sales, product development); Constantinos Kozakos (contact with flight schools); Dmitrijs Kasjarums (lawyer); Vladimir Feoktistov (blockchain architecture).


Information on the project is present on many websites for social networks and communities; the project has a wide audience and support as well as big plans for promotion - 30% of the company's budget is allocated for marketing and development. There is a Bounty program for activity on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and chat rooms

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