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This is by far the most fraudulent site…

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This is by far the most fraudulent site I have ever seen, they use their own players these players can see your cards and they know what cards are coming. When you do get a good hand to bet with after these house/players bots been raising you and stealing everyhand they insta fold, if you look at my hand history you can see exactly what is going on there plus I have recordings that would make you say this site is a fraud and the RNG is nowhere near random!!!! I have most of the house/players bots marked the only bots they got rid of were the ones the site doesn't use, there are plenty of house players and bots there the hand history shows you just how unlikely it is for a regular player to win. I even told them I could prove this poker room was not legit they didn't care just sorry you feel this way or had a negative experience. I have let questions for their "pros" not one of them have ever answered. I usually play omaha and I think I counted for 6 months str8 I lost with AAxx hand literally did not win for six months I would say that the odds would never happen unless the game was being manipulated.
13 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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