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This is a complete fraud I've been…

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This is a complete fraud I've been playing on this site for the last 2 years the first year wasn't to bad sill seemed a little fishy but Americans do not have a lot of options into the 2nd year and I knew it was a complete scam, I started saving emails from them recording games to show how not so random it is, they say they do not use house players but there is a very easy way to tell they absolutely 100% use house players I will make a bet with anyone I can prove they use their own players. I have reported people share recorded game play, they don't care, I usually play PLO8 and I have never seen nothing like this before. I constantly will wait for a great hand to play and sometimes I get them every other hand, as soon as I do everyone at the table folds, when I'm in a hand and I hit the card that will give me the win these people can't fold fast enough, I have tons of proof this is a Fraud and every American that has played here should sue this scam site for All their deposits back, the ACR Pros have no idea that they will go to prison with these people for not speaking up about what is going on, they have to know there is noway they can't know. I have sent a message to Phil Nagy on Twitter And told him I bet I could prove this site was a fraud he ignored me and blocked me, he didn't deny it or say what's wrong what happened no this is a bunch of criminals And this site will cause the next Black Friday. I think there is actually a law firm that had a lawsuit pending right now against them and you can see people leaving daily And not coming back, a lot of tournments don't even get enough people now they have screwed so many people I actually think they are about to fold. If you put money on here and play just send it to Phil's Bank account it will be a lot faster than thinking you can win, I heard the pros are feed the winning hands and they split the winnings with WPN but I'm not for sure, I can show u some house players and a Rigged RNG and I can show you players that can see your hands. But go ahead I dare you give it a shot.
19 Aug 2020 by Trustpilot

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