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The Worst of the Lot

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America's Cardroom has the worst bad beats and suck outs of any of the sites I have played on. Which include Pokerstars/Betonline and Sports Betting. After several months of play I can report only my experience and what I have seen. I believe the site is set up for bad beats and suck outs. This is done to increase rakes for the house. It does however roll over to the tournaments too which are pretty much a bingo match at the lower and micro stakes. Instance that occurred 3 time with-in 50 hands on three different days. Top hand matched causing all ins that split, only winner the house. I saw top pairs and sets beat by low str8s 6 times in 3 hours on in under 350 hands on another day. You can barely get through one round on a table with out seeing a serious bad beat or suck out. Overall. Play elsewhere, their deals are questionable at best.
05 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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