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Not really sure if I trust this site…

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Not really sure if I trust this site too much. I almost feel as if I'm playing against a computer. It's impossible to win a hand. If I get a set I get beat by a flush or straight on the river. If I got pocket Kings I get beat with a set of jacks or 6s not always those cards but you get the idea. When I first sign in I won a few really good hands turn my $40 into 150. It's a fishing game that's how they bait you in and all of a sudden it's impossible to win. The only time I won most hands is if I had a good hand and I went all in before the flop. If you play poker and you're losing the way I was you can't help but just feel like you're being scammed. And it's not just a bad losing streak something very funny with this website. There is cheating going on. I don't know if I'm playing against the computer, I don't know if they got a big Warehouse in China and a bunch of employees playing against paying customers and they can see our hand that's why when I went all in before the flop i would win or it could just be a bunch of friends talking to each other on the phone cheating that way. This is just my thoughts about this site don't take my word for fact. Good luck
20 Oct 2020 by Trustpilot

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