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My experience was generally good with…

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My experience was generally good with America's Cardroom...but ultimately we're there to do one of two things...have fun, or make money. I like to do both. So I recently cashed out $225, I received the check and cashed it. All was nice and went well. That is until I received a letter from my bank saying that the funds were blocked/cancelled by the owner of the check issuer. I contacted America's Cardroom, and their only reply was that they did not cancel the check and that the only way they can help is if I send them the check with the word "VOID" on it. The check was cashed though, and rejected by their bank. They then said there's nothing they can do. I'm in a bit of shock at how little or able they were to help. Whoever is playing on this site I would just highly recommend a source of payout where they cannot later reject/cancel the check. Beware!
Jason Murphy
16 Sep 2020 by Trustpilot

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