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Law Breaking Off Shore Casino. What could go wrong?

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As the title suggests this place is nothing more than a scam. Played for 1 year on here. The cash games are infested with bots. The bots are not illegal since it is just a gambling game and there is money to be made for guys in Ukraine and Russia running the bots. The tournaments are structured with unlimited re-entry which means you are competing against the bankroll of rich, dominate,house loyal players. Rich players get a huge statistical bonus of winning with unlimited re-entry, the house gets more deposits, the room avoids losing a grand prize to one new player and them leaving with the money and hurting the cash flow of the room, the MTTs take forever to finish enrollment let alone finish. Management unilaterally shuts down tournaments if they made a structuring mistake. These guy set the scam standard. If you play here you are a fool like I was. Ignore the bad beats nonsense and focus on the structuring and criminality.
John Johnson
02 Dec 2020 by Trustpilot

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