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Im writing a review cuz ACR IS FIXED

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Im writing a review cuz I love poker and I live in Florida there is no other option online but ACR! I believe im great especially that I just about always cash tournaments...but its the way the cards come out! I HAVE LOST SO MANY TIMES WITH POCKET PAIR going to the river always! its like a fkn curse and others talk about it...IM SICK OF IT! There was a moment I was up 2k, then poof so many bad beats its insane! I was 5 today going into the sunday 5k with 933k chips...I got pocket pair 3 times in a row and lost all 3 times to all in donks catching 2 pair! ITS INSANE! You could be 90% winning and you will lose always on the river! I told myself today enough is enough, I should be cashing big! I BELIEVE ACR IS RIGGED LIKE I ALWAYS THOUGHT IT WAS! I FEEL LIKE ALOT OF TIMES WHEN YOU HAVE BIG AWESOME HANDS TO PLAY EVERYONE FOLDS MANY MANY TIMES, MAKES ME THINK PEOPLE GOT BOTS OR CAN SEE MY CARDS...SO I GIVE UP...F YOU ACR YOU CAN HONESTLY S MY DIK!
Gionino Gz
11 Jan 2021 by Trustpilot

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