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I used to love playing on this site...

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I used to love playing on this site.... until my last experience. Since I've started playing I used the check withdrawal method and the BTC. I switched over to BTC because it was quicker to receive. This site keeps advertising the fastest pay outs and 24-48 hour pay outs. Which has never happened. They claim with the pandemic that more cash outs are coming through so they've extended their withdrawals to be approved 4-7 days. I cashed out on August 20th. I was never informed that my withdrawal was going through an "internal investigation." So, my first issue is that they don't even make you aware that there is a delay in your cash out they basically just wait for you to reach out and ask what's going on. No one has ever given me a direct response it seems they use the same generic email to everyone who asks about their requests. I was told that it would be 15 days to get it processed. This is after about 3 emails I finally get a somewhat direct answer. Yesterday, I reach out and ask what day this would be approved by. I FINALLY got a decent response from someone who told me that it was day 14 and my pay out should be approved on day 15 which would be today. I don't see anything come across today so I reach out and ask what is going on. This time I'm told that it was day 11 because they don't count weekends? Why would I be getting multiple responses about the same scenario? Shouldn't there be a system that shows them CORRECT information? I request to speak to a supervisor. However, all you can seem to get is an email and it's a random person each time copying and pasting the same responses to everyone that reaches out. I literally deposit thousands of dollars A WEEK into this site and company. Apparently my business means nothing to them because I keep getting generic responses and no real answers only "thanks for your patience." However, my patience is up and I'm very upset how this has gone. I will no longer be using this site for any type of gaming. If a company just looks at you like any customer and doesn't take the time to make things right or even type an email directly from them. I would not recommend ANYONE to use this gaming site at this point. When you are putting thousands of dollars into something and can't trust that you are talking to a live person it's a bit ridiculous.
S Wilson
04 Sep 2020 by Trustpilot

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