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As rigged as a site gets

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As rigged as a site gets. Please play more than a week there to get a real representation of the shitfest game integrity before you white knight for them. Polluted with bots and the algos are so blatantly skewed to bump stats on suck outs when bets are bigger than normal. If u get it all in with aces ur 80% likely to get sucked out, because bad players winning off bad calls is a gold mine for them in the long run. Not to mention the time when their servers went down and didn’t refund the tourney buyin, a literal slap on the face. Trust me, you’ll run good for your first deposit for a bit then after that you see the money grubber schemes. License should be revoked and stop taking bribes in the future, maybe online poker would have some integrity. legalize it already in the US so we can bury these greasy rats. I honestly believe they have been exposed ever since the initial bot problem and have been exit scamming taking in as much as they can before more states legalize in US and take all their business.
10 Nov 2020 by Trustpilot

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