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if you look at the realistic expectation of earnings we are now getting slowly bled by changes to rewards system, when i signed on here i understood i would recieve daily rewards, on 1 daily snapshot and be able to trade for 24 hrs to earn TOM rewards , i was earning money and was very happy, the exchange decided to change all that and then i was only recieving rewards for the lowest amount over 7 days of snapshots and i get paid for the lowest this cut my earnings and increased ABCC earnings a great deal coz now they can pay the lowest amount over a 7 snapshot period so they earn and you lose, now they want to change that again now they only want to pay me for the holdings for 28 snapshots making it even harder for me to trade throughout a 24 hr period and allowing them to pay you for the lowest amount over 28 snapshots! so i invested at a rate of 1 snapshot and then reward and soon it will be 28 snapshots and 1 reward if you cant see how this saves ABCC millions and hurts your rewards and your ability to trade throughout the day for TOM rewards ! i am at a total loss to further explain it but we are not getting what we were initially told and i don't see it getting any better at this point! soon it may be hourly snapshots and if you trade at the wrong time you lose rewards for the entire week! in just a few weeks i have been ripped off of the original promise of rewards!!
12 Aug 2018 by CryptoCompare

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