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WARNING!! - I bank wired...

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WARNING!! - I bank wired money to Gemini exchange via Silvergate Bank. They acknowledged that they DID received my funds via but sent a "WIRE RETURN" email. They claimed that the bank wire account holder name didn't match the Gemini account holder name. But it DID!!! I've had this name all my life and know how to spell it. Plus, my bank verified that all the information was correct.<br/><br/>The email they sent also referenced my "bank account number", but it was actually my bank "ROUTING number". The email ALSO said they would refund the money in a few business days. But wait...<br/><br/>How can Gemini send a refund when they claim to not have matching account names and clearly cannot tell my bank account number from my ABA routing number? What bank will accept money into a non-existent account?? NONE!! <br/><br/>Herein lies the essence of their SCAM. <br/><br/>1. The initial bank wire transfer to Gemini actually clears at BOTH banking institutions (Your bank & Silvergate Bank) so neither bank is responsible nor liable for any missing funds. (They are now off the hook and can't help you much) <br/><br/>2. Gemini then claims to its customers that an "error has occurred" but offers no proof of it. (your word vs theirs) . Then they claim that they will refund the money in 1-2 days but their email contained a DISCREPANCY in the vital information NECESSARY TO ISSUE THE REFUND. (i.e.- wrong account number) <br/><br/>3. Gemini customer service will then notoriously go "COLD". Facebook?--No response. Phone Calls? ----No answer. (Just read the number of complaints about non-responsive customer service on this site alone) <br/><br/>4. In 1-2 days, your financial institution will have no record of an incoming wire transfer because Gemini never sent it. <br/><br/>5. Gemini keeps your money and you are stuck complaining to NYDFS or FTC or WHOEVER WILL LISTEN!!<br/><br/>I made an EXPENSIVE MISTAKE dealing with this predatory company and now need to seek a lawyer. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE--- You've been warned!
07 Nov 2017 by CryptoCompare

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