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Very unsettling. I started dealing...

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Very unsettling. I started dealing with them about six weeks ago. I complained to the New York State Department after ALL of my account balance was locked up. Gemini responded via e-mail the very next day, so complaining to New York State does seem to get some e-mail action; (however, I've communicated via e-mail with a complete scam for months before----not a sign that this company is not a scam. In fact, the scam even had telephone customer service set up. The scam's bank never found my money). Gemini said the account numbers didn't match. My bank mistakenly had the wrong ACH Routing number up on their site, so I had given the wrong routing number for that reason. Gemini never wrote down the numbers they had, so I could compare. Very curious they can't just write down the numbers so the customer can review them himself/herself. Gemini responded via letter that my complaint held no merit. Excuse me? No merit! If they aren't a scam they might as well be. I've been scammed by an out-of-the-country scam, and Gemini is doing things much the same way---except for your ability to complain to New York State. The account locking....The slow or non-responsive customer service via e-mail only...The combative spirit towards the customer....The cancellation of my recent request for withdrawal---even though I beat the crowd here recently, withdrawing well before the exchange was overloaded. Come to think of it, I really don't know if the New York State Department is who I am communicating with for sure. Now today they won't allow me to even transfer my money In Bitcoin to a wallet or another exchange after the high-volume withdrawal requests. <br/>While Bitcoin was in the 8000s and 9000s I was able to make quite a few successful transfers between other exchanges using Bitcoin transfers. I would suggest withdrawing it in Bitcoin and sending your Bitcoin to Coinbase---GDAX, where you can cash out and bring back to your bank account. That's what I'm going to be doing if and when I am allowed to transfer Bitcoin. Coinbase has been around for years. I at least see a way to get out the back door. At this point I really don't trust Gemini, and I'm getting away as soon as possible. I'll be running away as fast as I can as soon as I can....That's for sure.
30 Nov 2017 by CryptoCompare

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