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They pulled the “account ending...

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They pulled the “account ending in 1014” scam on me as well! <br/><br/>Claimed the wire transfer from my bank account didn’t match the account number they received it from. This claim is 100% false, CIBC has verified there is zero issue on my end. They also claimed my wire was $20 less than I actually sent. 6 days later now and my bank account has no incoming wires from them, these idiots either kept my money or sent it to some weird 1014 account<br/><br/>They rarely respond to emails and if they do, it’s an extremely unhelpful canned response. <br/><br/>Call their 1-800 number and it just disconnects you, there’s nobody to talk to. <br/><br/><br/>BEWARE
19 Nov 2017 by CryptoCompare

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