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Require Money Up Front

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I understand having to send in your ID, address, ect to validate you are a real person and validate your account information.I had to do the same with coinbase. I initially wanted to switch to Gemini when I heard they required less of a withdrawal fee and less time to transfer funds to your bank account. But even after sending in my ID and other sensitive information, they still require a wire transfer to "confirm my identity". It's something I never had to do with coinbase. They claimed that in order to have access to full trade/exchange, would be required to send "any amount" through a USD wire transfer. As I was a bit skeptical of having to pay a website that never required this, I decided to look further into the site and was not happy with other views. Let alone do I feel comfortable with giving a website full access to my bank account that has all my funds plus my savings. Personally, it is not worth the risk.
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06 May 2020 by Trustpilot

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