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Never give this site access to any bank…

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Never give this site access to any bank account for funding your purchases. I made that mistake and it cost me. Funds were withdrawn for a two purchases. I thought I had made a mistake and repurchased the same assets. When I realized what I had done I contacted Gemini and told them of the mistake. They told me to correct the mistake I would have to sell enough assets to cover the mistaken purchases, which I did. I thought that would correct the problem but it didn't. They withdrew funds from my bank account subsequently and added to the cash portion of the account. These were not withdrawals for purchases. I rescinded the permission to connect with my bank account on 4/6/20. On 4/7/20 I checked my account and found that Gemini had attempted to withdraw an additional $5000.00 that was not in the account. I was charged an overdraft charge of $35.00. I have never in 35 years been charged with an overdraft charge. I don't do business that way. This review is just the start. There are consumer protection agencies that enjoy hearing of financial institutions that scam the depositors.Adding insult to injury I sold all my holdings hoping to transfer the funds back into my bank account( the account I rescinded transfer authority a few days back). Now I can't reconnect to account because the transfer service they have doesn't recognize the 2-factor process of the bank. This is starting to look more and more like a never-ending process.
07 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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