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My initial experience was good,...

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My initial experience was good, easy to sign up (if you're not in a rush), and easy to use. I thought I made a secure choice for crypto currency investing and I liked their fee structure. However, I give them 1 star because regardless of their security and FDIC insured status, a phishing attack was able to steal ALL my ether coin right from under my nose! And, despite my notifying Gemini and sending them all the information about who took it, what the website was, they did nothing! They did not offer to reverse the transaction, retrieve my ether - NOTHING. Mind you, the amount phishing scam took might not have been a lot to some people, but it was to me and I'm still very upset about this. They basically said it was my problem, my fault, and I had to deal with it. If they can allow a third party to steal my crypto currency, it makes me think Gemini would not do any thing to help if they tried to go into my banking information that I had on file with them. I am NOT happy with Gemini and have closed my account with them.
03 Dec 2017 by CryptoCompare

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