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Lovely Dogs and Ponies at the Gemini Show

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Customer service is unreachable. You can either email and be ignored or call and leave a message for them to ignore. Speaking with a customer service rep is out of the question, since they do not [apparently] employ those. Moreover, they do not provide a, "Wallet," for your bitcoin, nor do they make it simple (or possible) to withdraw it to a more reliable site which would.Money that is yours, but is inaccessible, is useless, but if useless is what you're looking for; look no further.I am completely blown away by how poorly managed their customer relations department is. I have never dealt with any financial institution or investment company that does not employ customer service personnel. Understaffed? Sure. But completely unstaffed (other than a poor quality recording)? Unheard of.Wow. I hope I can get my money back.
11 Oct 2019 by Trustpilot

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