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I have had the exact same experience as the previous reviewer. These guys froze my funds upon receiving them (+$9,000.00) saying there was a discrepancy with the account numbers. Long story short, they ended up returning my funds to this unverified account against my direct wishes instead of providing me with a phone number/fax so my bank could get a hold of them to sort things out. Yes that is correct, they sent my funds to an unverified account number against my direct instruction not to do so - (pause and think about that for a second). They then gave me the silent treatment (6 days) until I threatened to file a formal complaint with the New York Financial services department. I was soon replied to and even given a phone call by a customer service rep soon after that, but since then, and despite numerous e-mails, I have yet to receive my funds back. It has been 3 weeks now since I sent them my money! 3 weeks without having access to nearly ten thousand dollars of my own funds. Last night I informed the customer service rep that I will have to file the complaint despite her efforts to correct the issue. They cannot even locate where my money is, and it may be a little early to tell, but it currently seems I am again not their priority. Such a horrible experience with this exchange!!! Do yourself a favor and stay clear of them. They should be shut down.<br/><br/>I suggest everyone having a problem with how they are treating your money to place a formal complaint with their regulator, the New York Financial Services Department. It was a pain in my ass to submit a complaint due to their online complaint form not working properly, but I wrote it out in an e-mail and they told me they sent it to be filed.
30 Aug 2017 by CryptoCompare

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