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GEMINI... had hi hopes but...

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GEMINI... had hi hopes but these people got all my underwear down, like could steal my identity and now it appears I"m BLOCKED OUT, can't even (log-in) sign-in the last couple of days. VERY POOR SIGN UP PROCEDURES in my opinion... Is KRAKEN taking USD deposits yet, again? Got an account WITH them already. but now they are not accepting USD bank funds last i checked. And I have signed up with a couple of others, no problem. SEEMS TO ME it's worse signing up with these people than opening bank accountS. I mean honestly, everyone's financials are like NAKED all over the internet, by the time you get done SIGNING UP. With hackers, etc. it really makes a guy feel SO SAFE, doesn't it? I think NOT.<br/><br/>GEMINI... REALLY, so I"m saying my newbie experience attempting to SIGN-UP has been a "1" no really "0" actually NEGATIVE so far with GEMINI. I can't give a HIGH "10" SCORE to any service really. KRAKEN sign-up 6. Bitfinex sign-up 5. But mind you, they are NOT TAKING USD bank transfers right now. SO they are all a "0" in practicality. Poloniex seems OK, but you can't convert USD to crypto there. SO other than these GEMINI, KRAKEN, BITFINEX, and BITTREX who are the safest, easiest and least costly methods to convert USD to crypto. for the US citizen in the USA??? <br/><br/>NO wonder "those already in and running" are selling it all over ebay now. <br/><br/>Well, there's an idea for you sages.<br/><br/><br/>After all tulips must be grown yearly or in hot houses, supply is subject to mother nature, while electronic gizmoideas are just floating around in the land of cyber- trust we are hoping... Meaning the geeks and hacks and governments with unlimited people and funding must really be having a hay day.<br/><br/>And here is one little old fixed income retiree trying to figure out API, 2FA, do we have a doctor in the house, public ID, oh and don't forget the keys. I'm wondering if this is some kind of financial cyber game where we are all to play secret agent and no one knows who the good guys are or the bad ones for that matter. Mined ore, where are the "green cheerleaders" I hear this costs a lot of electricity to make and maintain and account for. Crypto-currency is hastening global warming don't you think? While it might save some trees in the long run, it is already causing a lot of computer waste products... This paragraph is just to keep us thinking and see how tolerant they are to old people posting here... because the bible predicted a time when you can't buy or sell unless you have the number W W W . Which is 6 6 6 in hebrew, no wonder so many want to do away with those people. Is this why, they are supposed to be some of the smartest people on earth.<br/><br/>So what happens when the banks and governments start their own crypto-currencies IF THEY HAVEN'T ALL READY... ok, I KNOW THAT IS TOO MUCH FOR ONE EMAIL/ OPPS, POST...
13 Aug 2017 by CryptoCompare

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