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A little insight for Gemini Newbies:

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I may be an ignorant newbie to Cryptocurrency, no I take that back, I AM an ignorant newbie to Cryptocurrency, but I am also a 73 year old retired accountant, fraud auditor and accounting software consultant. So for me to have lost $4,000 in BTC, 0.56649192 from the Gemini exchange by simply trying to do a problematic BCH transfer to my Nano X wallet has shaken me to the quick. It only took me 19 days to lose all of my BTC at Gemini, who sent it not to my Ledger account but to “Blockchain Limbo Land” THROUGH MY LEDGER BCH ADDRESS.The excellent news is that through a YouTube video, I met Josh who got it back for me in 20 minutes when none to the giants even got off their asses to help. Now that man deserves "trust"!I have just raised Gemini's rating to a two star. This is mostly because I have calmed down some now after getting my Bitcoin back, but also because Gemini can't be 100% capable of holding newbie's hands during the unforgiving learning curve that all of have to endure for awhile. I still don't appreciate some of the quirks of Gemini's transactions, but they become less aggressive to the informed as I am learning.
08 Apr 2020 by Trustpilot

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