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I learnt about cryptocurrency myself,...

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I learnt about cryptocurrency myself, although a friend had told me about it as far back as 2015 but at the time I’m hardly interested in any kind of digital currency. At this time 1bitcoin was about $400.<br/>Fast forward to 2016 1bitcoin was about $2700 <br/>This was the time I started to give it a shot. Bought about 10btc at $27000 and today, 10btc its worth about $90000<br/>I had nothing to do other than watch my bitcoins move back and forth depending on the market price. Recently I discovered one of the most trusted platforms you can ever invest your coins.<br/>Today I have over $50,000 earnings/ profit after 1 and half month since I joined the platform. <br/>Do the maths, it’s all gains
02 Apr 2020 by CryptoCompare

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