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I invested a massive chunk...

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I invested a massive chunk of my capital and savings into the care of this unregulated broker CryptoNXT who vividly convinced me into investing more over time. I was told pulling out of the investment is easy and I could make withdrawals. They kept asking for more funds, while using charges and taxes as an excuse. This kept going on for weeks, I couldn't stop because I'd invested over $120,000.<br/>Later I informed my spouse about what I did with all the money. Then, we started to research on how to recover the funds. We found " r e c o v e r y e m p i  r e . c o m ", a wealth recovery firm that took up our the case. With no further hassle, we were able to recoup 95% of the funds. Thanks to the recoveryempire's team
16 May 2020 by CryptoCompare

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