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I invested 60000euro into binary...

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I invested 60000euro into binary options but it got to a stage and i was unable to make withdraws.I was proactive and contacted lawyers along the way i thought going on with lawyers could take a long time. I contacted two recovery firms but they were proposing absurd commissions and upfront payments, i later got contact of a recovery firm online through Email,<br/>Mr Thomas that didn't require upfront fees and they are willing to take just 10% of the total money recovered after the whole recovery process. They've commenced the recovery process and everything is looking good at the moment.<br/>Email: I N T E R N A T I O N A L M O. N E Y R E. C O V E R Y @ G M A I. L . C O M <br/>WhatsApp: +1 407 337 4997<br/>You Can Also Text Or Call: +1 407 337 4997<br/>NO UPFRONT PAYMENT!
03 Oct 2020 by CryptoCompare

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