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I got a call from a trader for the first time in August 2018. Less than a year later, through a fabricated<br/>process of baiting me with unbelievable profits, and matching my losses, I was in over $185,000. The platform had assigned my personal broker to me, that called me from time to time to tell me about their new offers. And they said he was one of their top brokers, they further told me the broker had made a lot of people so rich.<br/>The broker told me there was an insurance that they get on them, every trade that we do that's secured and we could never lose money, he will<br/>put in there that it's an insured secure trade, and they buy the insurance for it.<br/>so i was assured, I won't lose any money on if we lose. Okay? But the catch is, you have to bring in an additional $25,000 in order to get that secured trade status on your account. I stupidly did this.<br/>Once I hit a certain profit level, I tried to remove money from them. That's when they denied me being able to take out my own money. They also told me to pay an additional fee to bring out my money.<br/>I was blocked out of my accounts and denied withdrawal even after i contacted them in various ways. Of course<br/>they never told me that up front. So when I heard that, then it was pretty obvious to me that they were running a scam.I was very sad and confused after investing a lot. Earlier this year i was able to use the services of [email protected] . They offer the best in monetary recovery if you are victim of crytocurrency fraud, binary options fraud, real estate Investment fraud and many more
10 Apr 2020 by CryptoCompare

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