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Worst sportsbook with scamming operators.<br/>They...

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Worst sportsbook with scamming operators.<br/>They made change in bet winning odds after bet-confirmation notice (from 1.68 to 1.04) without any explanation.<br/>And after I asked for just canceling the bet (that I did not want 1.04 odds and it was before the sports event), they said "read terms and conditions". And it was all my choice and fault. All I did is saw charming odds and made bet, believing this website, but they keep treated me like a user who abused the site.<br/><br/>It was not about changing odds during the sports event.<br/>They show me final confirmation message after my betting, and all the odds and expected winnings were shown in betting history menu. (which was final)<br/><br/>But after a while, they just changed my bet's winning odds without any apology or notice,<br/>the only answer I got later was "It was error odds on webpage, and you cannot cancel your bet! You need to keep your bet with new odds that we give you without any rights"<br/>without single words of "Sorry for inconvenience"<br/><br/>(I have all captures and videos about this odd change after betting confirmation)<br/><br/>How convenient!, that they can change odds if situation changes! lol<br/>In the opposite situation?, they never just give up their winnings.<br/>Who will believe the site, and make bet there?<br/>They can always make your winning to nothing, any time they want due to their "terms and conditions" lol.<br/><br/>The only way to get out of this scamming site is getting robbed by them.<br/>You lose, they win.<br/>You win? they rob your bet, then they win.<br/><br/>Good luck stupid short-sighted service operators
06 Aug 2021 by CryptoCompare

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